Free VBS and Camp Skits for Kids

Posted May 07 2013

These are perfect for summer camp, VBS, or just for fun!

Skits Include:

  • Bieber Fever - Crazy Bieber fans learn about misplaced worship.
  • Bottom of the First - A funny skit about a baseball player learning to persevere.
  • Get In The Game - 2 Softball teammates learn to live like Christ
  • Happy Together - Goofy skit about summer camp mishaps that lead to great friendships.
  • I Don't Know What I'm Doing This Summer - A humorous skit teaching kids about mission trips.
  • Picking A Fight - 2 bullies see Jesus through a classmate.
  • What Stinks In Here - A smelly man learns the importance of baptism (and bathing!).
  • Party At Kahuna Beach - Surfer dudes & dudettes learn about the love of Jesus.

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