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Easter Children's Church Lessons

Easter Children's Church LessonsThis is a collection of our most popular Easter lessons for Children's Church.  Our newest stand-alone lesson is called The Easter Story, and it teaches kids the amazing story of Easter.  Our Happy Easter stand-alone lesson teaches kids about Easter morning from the exciting perspective of those closest to Jesus that morning.  We also just released a fun Palm Sunday lesson called Hosanna.  This year's most popular Easter 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum series' is called unTangled and our all-time best-selling Easter Children's Ministry Curriculum is Easter Eggs.  Kids love jelly beans, and they're great to use to teach kids what Easter is really about.  You can see all of our fun Easter Children's Church Lessons below.  We hope you can take advantage of this season to get kids excited about the good news about Jesus' love for us all.