Fun Children's Ministry Curriculum!
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You Know You're a Children's Minister If…

1. You wear a tie-dye shirt to church.


2. You buy Goldfish in bulk.



3. You're on a first name basis with the operator at Oriental Trading Company.



4. You know who Jim Wideman is.



5. You're fairly certain you have adult ADHD.


6. You know what a Rainbow Loom is.


7. Your office looks like a miniature Toys 'R Us.



8. You know more kids' names at church than adult's names.



9. You know what the fox says.



10. You use curriculum from Children's Ministry Deals.

unFrozen Children's Ministry Curriculum



You're probably a Children's Minister if _____________.

Complete this sentence by leaving a comment below.



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  • Feriha on

    Posted on May 5, 2011 at 10:19 pmHello Mr. Brown and choose well. Just a reemdnir choices are the puzzle pieces of life. I like the video of your baby and the big brown bear in the wheelchair. And your head was really shiny!!!! Sydney R. #5

  • Fonda Baskins on

    Your iPod has more childrens music on it then adult.
    All your family members know every children’s song written, even though they’re long past the age for Sunday school.
    People give you gift cards and you spend them on children’s church “stuff.”
    You’d really rather be in children’s church than with the grown-ups… love to worship Jesus!

  • Debbie Thompson on

    Your known on first name basis with Maytag guy because you always want big boxes for stage props
    you have oriental trading on speed dial.

  • Debbie Thompson on

    You’re known as the bag lady because you carry 3 bags of props to church every week

  • Terri on

    You try to work a registration table and no one comes because they think you are recruiting them to work in the Nursery!

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