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American Soldiers Singing 'Days of Elijah'

This is what participatory worship looks like for these American soldiers.  You've never seen or heard the song 'Days of Elijah' sung like this before.  Truly awesome!  



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  • Jan Anderson on

    I’m In our praise band at church. This is one of the songs we sing. I applaud these marines for worshiping our God. God bless them for protecting us.

  • Eileen Redmond on

    God bless these wonderful men praising the lord and yes He is Coming soon.

  • juanita greatorex on

    Truly i have been blessed by this soldiers may god bless them and protect them.

  • Tammy on

    I loved it. My son has been talkin about joining the marines. ever since he was 4 yrs old.I am very happy and thankful to see our young men praising our Lord.I just know my son will be watch over when his time comes.remember God is in control of everything….even the wars!!

  • Dr. G. Charles Jackson on

    This — was — awesome!
    ’Moved me to tears.
    These a men of battle and men of God.

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