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Dave Ramsey Buys Children's Ministry Deals Curriculum Company

Dave Ramsey Children's Ministry

In a press conference yesterday, Dave Ramsey – financial expert, author, radio host and creator of Financial Peace University – announced that he has purchased the nation's second largest Children's Ministry curriculum producer, Children's Ministry Deals.


“Since the company launched in 2011, Children's Ministry Deals has proven time and time again that it is the resource for creative Children's Ministry curriculum and resources at great prices,” Mr. Ramsey said at the press conference.  "We are looking forward to making Children's Ministry Deals the #1 Children's Ministry curriculum producer in the world."


The much sought after author and public speaker saw Children's Ministry Deals curriculum used at his own church. He was inspired by the company's commitment to teach kids Biblical truths in a fun way.


“My goal going forward is to continue that legacy.  Children's Ministry is the most important ministry happening in the church today, and we need to double our efforts to invest in the lives of our children," Ramsey explained.


The author of Smart Money, Smart Kids went on to say that he wants to help kids learn how to be good stewards of the gifts and talents that God has blessed them with, by learning what the Bible has to say about honoring God, loving others, hard work, and giving.


Children's Ministry Deals founder, Nevan Hooker will continue to lead the team of Children's Ministry leaders, writers, editors, and designers, but they will now have the benefit of being part of a larger team of Christian leaders to help expand their mission and reach.


Click here to see Dave Ramsey's video explaining his plans for Children's Ministry Deals. 


Nevan Hooker went on to explain, "Happy April Fool's Day!  This would be awesome if it was true, because we're huge Dave Ramsey fans and we listen to his Entreleadership podcast every week.  Did we fool you?"





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  • Rhonda on

    This was just dumb. I didn’t click it. Saw Dave. Thought it would be awesome. Looked forward to doing it with my kids and maybe implementing it at church. Shared it to my page for all to see. Later clicked it to learn more and to see what the cost would be. How embarrassing!

  • Rosseta on

    You got me. I am a good Dave Ramsey fan as well, I was seconds away from attaching his name to all my shares of this website.

  • Katherine Thigpen on

    If I had opened this yesterday on the first I would have been suspicious but since I didn’t and was just going through my email today i fell for it hook line and sinker. Got me. But really does sound like a good idea. Thanks for a good morning laugh. Love you guys and keep up the good work I couldn’t do the work I do without you. God Bless you
    Gma Kathy Children’s Pastor Amazing Grace
    Ministries Wheeler, Michigan

  • Rhoda on

    Oh my goodness, Douglas! I hope you DON’T work with kids! They must upset you the whole time you’re near them! Lighten up, dude!
    Funny joke. Fun people. Sound doctrine. Keep up the good work, Children’s Ministry Deals!!

  • Lindsey Whitney on

    I totally guessed it!

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