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A Simple Prayer for Children Going Back to School


Remember when the biggest back-to-school challenge for parents was finding a superhero or princess backpack? Boy, those days are long gone! Do we need to review the reasons parents are apprehensive about letting their little ones out of their sight? Probably not, but we can trust God to watch over them. He can see them when we cannot and that brings us peace. Before your child steps on the bus or leaves in the morning for school, cover him or her with prayer. We think this amazing prayer is a great place to start! 




Thank you for my child. Thank you for trusting me to love and care for him/her. Father, you know the apprehension I have about sending my child to school. You know what my fears and concerns are. Today, I give these to you—I lay them down and pick up my faith. I will not think fearfully concerning my child but I will trust you to protect and care for him/her. 


Your word says that you will go before us and will be with us. You said you would never leave us or forsake us. I believe this promise is for my son/daughter, Father. Wherever he/she goes, you go too. Never leave him/her alone! 


Psalm 139:5 says, “You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.” Yes, God! Place your hand of blessing upon my son/daughter! Go before him/her—follow him/her! Enclose him/her with your presence. Protect him from evil. 


Father, help my child find the path you have chosen for him/her. As he/she studies and learns, guide him into the areas that you have gifted him/her in. Help him/her have joy in the learning process. Help him/her find friends that inspire him to do good. Send him/her a teacher that loves you! 


Thank you, Father for hearing me. 


In Jesus' name, Amen.



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  • Peggy Roberts on

    This looks like a really neat curriculum.

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