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The Most Important Ministry in the Church [VIDEO]

Dr. Mark Moore's answer may surprise you.

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  • Joe Soria on

    Yes, children’s ministry is important, but could it be argued that the most important program is a program that disciples parents to make wise decisions in leading their families.
    You make the point of making children like the program. They like McDonald’s and chewing rocks. But if a parent BELIEVES in the importance of, better yet, the VITALITY of a program, hopefully they will make decisions that get their kids there consistently.
    Yes, have a strong children’s ministry, but put an emphasis to train adults to be godly men and women to become godly parents.
    Oh, and we need to disciple adults to lead the 6-10 year olds. They aren’t going to lead themselves.

  • Nancy Twiggs on

    This is truly touching.

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