Fun Children's Ministry Curriculum!
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10 Ways to Fail at Leading Kids Worship

1. Eat Your McDonald's Breakfast in Between Songs.

Sorry kids...I'm hungry.


2. Give Out Lots of Candy. running during worship!


3. Use a Fog Machine.

Fire Fighter: I'm really glad it was a false alarm.

You: I'm sorry.  My bad.


4. Sing All Traditional Hymns.

Please turn in your hymnals to page 333.

Photo: - Julia Freeman

5. Don't Use Hand Motions.

I forgot the hand motions...sorry.


6. Incorporate Instrumental Music By Carman.

This only works if it's 1988.

Photo: - Tyscot Records

7. Keep the Volume Down So You Don't Disrupt the Senior Saints Class.

I'm afraid you're just too loud.


8. Use a Really Small Boombox.

Dude, I think you blew a speaker.


9. Do Interpretive Dance.

But then again, it might be cool?


10. Use PowerPoint slides from the 90's.

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  • Sharon Vogel on
    should be: You will fail if you forget to pray it up ahead of time!
  • luvkids on

    Don’t give so many prizes out that you’ve robbed a toy store. Lining them up on the altar for the closing ceremony of vbs looks like a bad game show. What message are you really sending?

  • mary ngumbi on

    I agree with you totally. I only give candys as a treat if the children have been listening and answering questions well but after we are done with everything.

  • Pastor Jeff on

    Allow the Holy Spirit to lead the worship time and be fully directed by Him, I enjoy the Yancy Videos and so do the Kids. Thanks for your Ministry!

  • Alan on

    It’s humor. Sure, the Holy Spirit could work through all of the above (well, maybe not #1? But, hey… ya never know) But, c’mon… loosen up a little and enjoy the humor in it.

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