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Top 10 Fears Kids Face Today

1. Monsters In The Closet


2. A Mean Teacher


3. The Dentist


4. Missing The School Bus


5. Thunder Storms


6. Bullies


7. The Dark


8. Getting Lost


9. Snakes and Spiders


10. Clowns


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  • Angelina on

    clowns,spiders,mean teachers,-3 of my fears

  • Damaris Onyango on

    Am a Sunday school teacher and this website has been such a blessing to me. GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Tammy W on

    How about death? Do you all see children fearing death?

  • Tim Patrick on

    Fear is fear! Regardless of what children, (or adults), are afraid of, fear can be crippling and at times, even debilitating! While it’s helpful to know what our kids are afraid of, it’s healing to know that God and His love can cast out ALL fear! Whether it’s clowns or bullies, Dentists or Teachers, our kids need to know how and who to turn to. Let’s focus as much on the good as the bad!
    Maybe in addition to the Top Ten Fears, we can promote a list of Top Ten Likes!
    Here’s mine:
    10) Cherry Licorice Bites
    9) Fall
    8) Baked Mac & Cheese
    7) Drum Corps
    6) Penn State Football
    5) Percussion/Drumming
    4) Christmas
    3) My Family
    2) My Grandson
    1) My Relationship w/ My Heavenly Father

  • Karen on

    I’d like to know your source for the top ten fears. I believe today’s children are more scared of their parents breaking up or of shootings in school. You definitely hit the target with bullies, but as someone already commented, most kids today aren’t exposed to clowns. I look forward to talking with my group of children and asking them, what are your greatest fears?

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