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John Crist Joins Children's Ministry Deals Writing Team

John Crist

Updated April 1, 2018

In a Twitter update yesterday, John Crist – the super popular Christian comedian with viral Facebook videos – confirmed that he has joined the writing team for Children's Ministry Deals, the #2 Children's Ministry curriculum producer in the US.


“Look, I'm a kid at heart.  Humble brag here.  Writing kids curriculum is peas and carrots for me,” Mr. Crist said during his Twitter Q&A session.  "I'm totes looking forward to producing some sweet curriculum for kids.  We just finished our first writing sesh and when we launch these ideas it's going to break the internet."


The much sought after comedian saw Children's Ministry Deals curriculum used at his own church. He was inspired by the company's commitment to teach kids Biblical truths in a fun way.


“Look.  Most Children's Ministry curriculum floating around churches these days is so basic.  It's old.  Children's Ministry Deals is bringing their A-game and killing it," Crist explained.


John Crist will be juggling his writing work while on his Good Medicine comedy tour of the US.  The comedian explained online that his ideas are focused on helping kids learn what the Bible has to say about honoring God, loving others, working hard, and being generous.

John Crist comedy tour


Children's Ministry Deals founder and President, Nevan Hooker offered Crist a writing position after he saw one of his shows in 2017.


He went on to explain, "Happy April Fool's Day!  This would be awesome if it was true, because we're huge John Crist fans and we love his comedy.  Make sure you go see him on tour and check out some of his funniest videos on his website.

And, be sure to like John Crist on Facebook to watch his newest videos.

Happy April Fool's Day!!!  Did we fool you?

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