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God Colors 6-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum

God Colors 6-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum

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Colorful Bible Lessons For Kids!

This series will use colors to help kids learn the message of the Gospel.  Three lessons from the Old Testament and three lessons from the New Testament will help kids learn that God is good, people have sinned, and God can forgive us and save us.  Each week a different color will be used to draw kids attention to one specific Bible story that involves that color.  This can be a very colorful series for your Children’s Ministry that could be fun and simple to decorate for.  Each week also includes a coloring page that kids will also be able to decorate and take home to remind them of that week’s lesson.

God colors Children's Ministry Curriculum

God Colors Children's Ministry Curriculum Lesson Overview

Memory Verse:But here is how God has shown his love for us. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.Romans 5:8 NIRV

Scripture: Genesis 1 and Genesis 3:1-6 Creation and the Fall
The color green can remind us of the Creation story because it is the color of trees, grass and plants. It also the color we typically see used to show all of the continents on a globe. Green can also remind us of the snake that led Adam and Eve into sin. In this lesson kids will learn that God made everything good, but people made a bad choice and sinned when they disobeyed God.
Objective: Kids will color a coloring page of the Creation story to remind them that God made everything and it was good.

Scripture: Genesis 6:9-22 Noah and the Ark
Brown is the color we often think of when we think of Noah’s ark. This lesson will teach kids the story of Noah and remind them that there are consequences for sin, but that God will provide a way to escape the punishment if we choose to obey Him.
Objective: Kids will color a coloring page to remind them of Noah’s Ark.

Scripture: Exodus 14:21-30
Red will remind kids of the Red Sea. As they study the story of God saving His people from slavery in Egypt, kids will be reminded that we are also slaves to sin until we ask for God to step in and save us.
Objective: Kids will color a picture of the parting of the Red Sea to remind them that God is able to save us from sin.

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12 The Wise Men Visit Jesus
In this lesson kids will be reminded of the yellow star in the sky that led the wise men to Jesus and of the gold they brought to worship Him. Kids will learn that Jesus was sent to earth from God to save us from sin.
Objective: Kids will color a picture of the wise men visiting Jesus to remember that Jesus was born to be our Savior.

Scripture: Matthew 8:23-27
The color blue can remind kids of the waves and rain that terrified the disciples when they were with Jesus until he miraculously calmed the storm. In this lesson kids will learn that we can trust Jesus because He is more powerful than anything we are afraid of.
Objective: Kids will color a picture of Jesus calming the storm so that they can always remember to trust God.

Scripture: Matthew 27:27-31, Mark 16:9-16 Jesus is crucified and rises on the 3rd day
Purple is the color of royalty. That’s why when Jesus was being beaten the soldiers put a purple robe on Jesus to make fun of Him and pretend he was a king while they beat Him. In this lesson kids will learn why Jesus death paid the price for our sins and how His resurrection means that we can have eternal life with Him forever.
Objective: Kids will color a picture of Jesus after the resurrection reminding them that Jesus is the King of Kings and their Savior.

About This Curriculum:

  • Perfect for kids ages 6-12
  • 6-weeks
  • Includes large group and small group resources
  • This curriculum is an instant download
  • Download a free sample here

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Make It Stick! Parent Sheet
  • Memory Verse
  • Skit or Puppet Show
  • Craft Activity
  • Large Group Lesson
  • Small Group Discussion
  • More!

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    God Colors 6-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.