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Teach your kids what Easter is really all about using these Resurrection Eggs coloring pages!

There's nothing wrong with Easter egg hunts, decorating Easter eggs, and kids getting Easter eggs filled with candy.  But, it is important to teach kids that the Easter story isn't about candy, and a great way to do that is with these resurrection eggs coloring pages.  We've included 12 coloring pages as well as one page that has all 12 eggs on it, so you've got options.  NEW! We've also included an additional set of coloring pages that goes along with our Resurrection Eggs Children's Ministry Curriculum.

Resurrection Eggs

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Resurrection Eggs Coloring Pages:

Resurrection Egg #1: The Lord's Supper, Matthew 26:17-30

Resurrection Egg #2: Judas Agrees to Hand Over Jesus, Matthew 26:14-16

Resurrection Egg #3: Peter Says He Does Not Know Jesus, Matthew 26:69-75

Resurrection Egg #4: The Soldiers Make Fun of Jesus, Matthew 27:27-31

Resurrection Egg #5: Jesus Is Nailed to a Cross, John 19:16-28

Resurrection Egg #6: Jesus' Pierced Hands, John 20:25-29

Resurrection Egg #7: Soldiers Divide Jesus' Clothing, John 19:23-24

Resurrection Egg #8: Darkness, Matthew 27:45

Resurrection Egg #9: Jesus Is Offered a Drink, Matthew 27:46-48

Resurrection Egg #10: Jesus Is Buried, Matthew 27:57-60

Resurrection Egg #11: Jesus Rises From the Dead, Matthew 28:1-4

Resurrection Egg #12: An Angel Announces Jesus' Resurrection, Matthew 28:5-7

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Here's a video that explains how to make resurrection eggs for your kids, and here's a link to buy resurrection eggs on Amazon.  We've also posted this page on Pinterest for you to share.

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