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The King n' Me 9-Week Curriculum

The King n' Me 9-Week Curriculum


Teach Kids About 3 Kings - Saul, David, and Jesus!

What is it

Each download contains 9 PDF's of the lessons with graphics, PowerPoint presentations for each lesson, activity sheets, games, and clip art.


What's Included

9 lessons in PDF and Word document format, plus a PowerPoint presentation for each lesson.


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More Than One Sentence

Take a look at these lesson titles. Each lesson is full of visual and hands on learning to provide deeper understanding into Jesus' method of teaching.

3 lessons on King Saul

1.      Less Is More - Humility

2.      A Life Throne Away - Pride

3.      Don't Ride the See-Saul - A consistent heart of humility

3 lessons on King David

1.      Power in His Presence - Worship

2.      Idleness Is Not Ideal - Idleness

3.      All Hail the King - A consistent heart of worship

3 lessons on Jesus, the King of Kings

1.      Leave Your Will Out of It - Submission

2.      Can I Give You A Lift? - Exaltation

3.       Mission to Submission - A consistent heart of submission  

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