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Science for Homeschool Co-op or for Fun at Home

Science for Homeschool Co-op or for Fun at Home


Teach Kids Science with these 10 Fun Activities

This e-book was specifically designed for a ten month homeschool co-op setting, but could easily be done in a classroom as well. I have personally used it to teach in our local homeschool co-op, so it is a tried and true curriculum. This resource is best used with children ages K-2nd, but can be adapted for other children.

There is a sheet containing the list of topics and activites, which can be copied and handed out to all of your students' parents. They can help collect the recyclable items needed for some on the activities. This curriculum is very budget friendly! In addition, there is a pre-made parent newsletter that can be sent home each week. The newsletter contains the objectives that we learned in class, "Think About It Activities" to try at home, and a copy of the experiment or activity that we did in class in case the child wants to duplicate it at home with other siblings.

I have included a blank Lesson Plan sheet for your personal planning should you choose to use it. I have also typed up all of the notes needed to teach the lesson, so no further planning or preparation is required.


Week 1 States of Matter (Activity: Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag)
Week 2 Volcanoes (Activity: Make an Exploding Volcano)
Week 3 Recycling (Activity: Valentine's Day Bucket made by recycling large can)
Week 4 Dinosaurs (Activity: We will become paleontologists and uncover "bones")
Week 5 Worms, Worms, Worms (Activity: Make Gummy Worm/Dirt Snack)
Week 6 Our Skeleton (Activity: Make and Label a Milk Jug Skeleton)
Week 7 Plants (Activity: Grassy cute!)
Week 8 "Eggs" periments (Activity: Egg in a Bottle and other egg-citing activities)
Week 9 Weather (Activity: Tornado in a Bottle)
Week 10 Grand Finale...Rockets (Activity: Make and race rocket cars)


50 pages.

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