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The Ten Commandments 12-Week Preschool Curriculum

The Ten Commandments 12-Week Preschool Curriculum


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Teach Preschoolers the 10 Commandments.

Curriculum Components:

  • Scripture box: Offers main scripture verse, support verse and lesson title.
  • KIDnabber: A presentation that quickly seizes the child's attention using tangibles that connect the lesson to the child's world; may include a short puppet interaction with Kick Rick or any puppet.
  • KICK RiCK Grind: Offers obscure facts or research pieces that enhance the lesson.
  • Rampin' Up: A springboard to the Bible text adding another element of the child's world to the lesson.
  • Lesson Launch: The Bible story or scripture text that provides the framework of the lesson and makes abstracts concepts concrete.
  • Air Time: Questions that assess what the children have grasped in the lesson.
  • Side KiCKS: Mini dramatizations that introduce an "offender" of the commandment being presented. The offender is repeatedly captured at the end of each drama skit, having been caught disobeying the commandment. This component reinforces the Biblical truth of the lesson through an element of action and surprise.
  • Time to Thrash: Hands-on activities that allow children to experience the lesson using their 5 senses and Bible skills. These activities are tailored to the age and development of the children.
  • The Final Spin: A wrap up to the lesson.
  • Takin' It To The Edge: An impact activity created to emphasize the lesson with added fun.

Lesson Overview

1.    For Your Own Good

2.    Make God #1

3.    Worshiping the Invisible

4.    God's Name: Handle Gently

5.    Take a Break

6.    Blessings are "A Parent"

7.    Think On These Things

8.    A Promise is Promise

9.    Nobody Should Take "Just One More"

10.  Tell It Like It Is

11.  Two Covet

12.  Rollin' Review 

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