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There's a Verse For That 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum

There's a Verse For That 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum

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Kids Have Questions.  The Bible Has Answers.

Kids will learn that whatever life throws at them, the Bible can help them make the right choice.

There's a Verse For That Children's Ministry Curriculum

There's a Verse For That Curriculum Lesson Overview

Memory Verse 1: Psalm 119:105 "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path."

Lesson 1 - Choices. Kids will learn to seek God's wisdom when making life choices. 1 Kings 3. Solomon asks for wisdom.
Lesson 2 - Time to Run. Kids will learn that when they are tempted, the best plan is to run! Genesis 19. God spares Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah.
Lesson 3 - I Got the Blues. Kids will learn to turn to God when they are sad. Psalm 40:1-3; Job 1. Job praises God after losing everything.
Lesson 4 - My Bad. Kids will learn to admit when they are wrong and make things right. Genesis 32-33. Jacob makes amends with Esau.
Lesson 5 - Your Bad. Kids will learn how to forgive when someone hurts them. Matthew 18:21-35. Parable of the unforgiving servant.
Lesson 6 - Jump for Joy! Kids will learn they can praise God any time and anywhere. Acts 16:16-40. Paul and Silas in prison.

Memory Verse 2: Matthew 22:37-38 "Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment.'"

Lesson 7 - Parent Problems. Kids will learn to honor Mom and Dad, even when they make them mad. Ephesians 6:1-3. Children obey your parents.
Lesson 8 - Eeek! Kids will learn to take their fears to God and find peace in Him. Matthew 26:36-39. Jesus praying in the garden.
Lesson 9 - Truth Bender. Kids will learn to tell the truth, even when telling a lie is easier. Genesis 20. Abraham lies about his wife Sarah.
Lesson 10 - No Fair! Kids will learn how to respond when life isn’t fair. Luke 15:25-32. The bitterness of the prodigal son’s older brother.
Lesson 11 - Future’s So Bright. Kids will learn to keep pride in check and remember where their blessings come from. Daniel 4. Nebuchadnezzar is humbled by God.
Lesson 12 - Anybody Home?? Kids will learn how to respond when it feels God doesn’t answer prayer. 1 Kings 19. Elijah prays that he would die.

About This Curriculum:

  • Perfect for kids ages 6-12.
  • Includes both Large Group and Small Group resources.

Each Lesson Includes

  • Make It Stick! Parent Sheet
  • Memory Verse
  • Skit
  • Object Lesson or Kids Sermon
  • Large Group Lesson
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Large Group Game
  • More!

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