Children's Ministry encouragementWe've ALL been there with you...that place where you're burnt out, broken, or completely frazzled.  Urghhhhhhh!  It happens.  Take a deep breath and read these EIGHT THINGS that will help you have a better day starting right now.

1. Can We Pray For You?

We want to pray specifically for you.  Enter your prayer request here so we can pray for you and your situation.

2. I Need Volunteers!  

We all know that the #1 struggle for anyone serving in Children's Ministry is volunteers.  We asked our 15,000+ member Facebook group what the 10 Best Ways to Get Children's Ministry Volunteers were.  This is really helpful for coming up with a proven strategy to get and keep Children's Ministry volunteers.

3. I Still Need Volunteers!

We even made FREE Children's Ministry volunteer recruitment bulletin inserts to help you get more Children's Ministry volunteers.  Even if these don't cause an immediate stampede of people wanting to volunteer, it is an easy way to start planting seeds right now.  Bulletin inserts were #8 on the top ten list of ways people are successfully recruited volunteers in 2017.

4. You've Got 15,000+ Friends!

Seriously, you're not alone.  There are 15,000+ other Children's Ministry leaders in our Children's Pastors Only Facebook group that are here to encourage you, give you ideas, and help you through whatever situation you're going through.  If you're not already a member, you should totally join us.  We ARE better together.  You won't find a more helpful group of people on the planet!

5. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Life's Little Instruction Book

Sometimes the difference between hope and despair is a good night's rest, a hot shower, and a clean t-shirt.  I remember reading that in Life's Little Instruction Book when I was a kid.  As simple as that is, I have found it to be true almost all the time.

6. I Have No Budget!

We LOVE making new FREE Children's Ministry resources.  Check out our 100 of our Most Popular FREE Children’s Ministry Resources!

We have the BEST bundle deals on Children's Ministry curriculum.  You can get over a year's worth of curriculum for less than $2 a lesson.  People tell us all the time that these bundles are a HUGE blessing for their church.  We are all about helping Children's Ministers with limited budgets.

7. Christmas, Easter or VBS is Coming!  Help!!! 

Don't stress out.  Here's some links that will help solve all your problems:

Free Christmas Programs

Free Christmas Resources

Christmas Curriculum

Easter Coloring Pages

Easter Programs

Easter Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Free Easter Children’s Ministry Resources

Easter Children’s Church Lessons

VBS 2020 Themes

Free VBS Resources


8. Start With Why?

We know what we do.  We know how we do it.  But, a lot of us forget WHY we do what we do.  We think this might be a super helpful time to re-examine THE WHY.  Here's a great video from author Simon Sinek.

One of our WHY'S when we got started in Children's Ministry was highlighted in George Barna's book "Transforming Children Into Spiritual Champions."  Here's what it said:

The probability of someone embracing Jesus as their savior between the ages of 5 and 12 is 32%.

The probability of someone embracing Jesus as their savior between ages 13 and 18 is 4%.

The probability of someone embracing Jesus as their savior who is 19 and older is 6%.

If someone doesn’t accept Jesus when they are a child, the chances of them doing so later in life are slim.

Statistically, the greatest mission field in our church is the Children’s Ministry.

What is YOUR why?