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8 Things You Need to Know About Children's Ministry Deals

Children's Ministry Deals

1. We're the #2 Children's Ministry Curriculum Producer in the U.S.

No kidding!  We have 16,000+ Children's Ministry leaders in our Facebook group, and we release brand new Children's Ministry curriculum series' every month. 

2. We love Chick-fil-a!


We give away $100 gift cards to Chick-fil-a every month to people who receive our emails and are part of our Facebook group.

3. We Love Pinterest!

Children's Ministry Pinterest

We have Pinterest idea boards for ALL of our Children's Ministry Curriculum series' so you'll always have a place to go to see cool ideas for crafts, snacks, and decorations for all of our series'.

4. We Love Making FREE Children's Ministry Resources!

Books of the Bible Maze

This is a cool Books of the Bible Maze we just made that will help kids memorize the books of the Bible...and this will keep them busy for hours!  LOL!

5. We Believe Children's Ministry Curriculum Shouldn't Be Boring!

We create fun, fresh, biblically based Children's Ministry curriculum that your volunteers will be excited about using, and your kids will be engaged with!  We like to take things kids are already familiar with and use them to teach kids lessons from the Bible that they'll remember.  There's no rule that says Children's Ministry curriculum needs to be boring.

6. Our Curriculum is 100% Guaranteed!

Children's Ministry Deals Curriculum

If you don't like the curriculum get a refund.  No questions asked.  No kidding.

7. We Sell Bundle Deals!

Save a ton of money.  View our awesome Children's Ministry curriculum bundle deals.

8. We have the BEST Customer Service of any Children's Ministry Curriculum Provider!  No kidding!  Ask us a question and we'll answer it.