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8 Things You Need to Know About Children's Ministry Deals

1. We're the #2 Children's Ministry Curriculum Producer in the U.S.

We just celebrated our 689,000th order!

2. We Love Creating Children's Ministry Curriculum That Teaches Kids Biblical Truth in a Fun Way!

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3. Each Curriculum We Produce Has It's Own Board On Pinterest with Super Creative Ideas To Help Get You Inspired.

We're up to 31,700 followers!

4. Our All-Time Best-Selling Curriculum Series is unFrozen 4-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum.

You totally have to use this curriculum next Christmas.

5. We Believe Children's Ministry Curriculum Shouldn't Be Boring.

Just in case you're curious, click here to see our What We Believe page.

6. If You Order Curriculum From Us, And You Don't Love It, We'll Give You Your Money Back and a Big Hug

No questions asked.  No kidding.

7. We Give Away Free Samples of All Our Curriculum Series

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8. We Love Helping And Answering Questions.