2024 GOLDEN BURGER Summer Curriculum Bundle

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Deal Has ENDED :-( Don't miss this chance to SAVE $5,296 with our 2024 Children's Ministry Curriculum GOLDEN BURGER Bundle!

For the FIRST TIME EVER the Burger Bundle includes a WHOPPING 60 curriculum!

    That's over 450 hundred individual lessons!

    You'll be set with Kids Church lessons for this summer, and next summer, and the summer after that, and the summer after that, and the...

    All for only $97.

    You get EVERY CURRICULUM shown below.

    Children's Ministry Curriculum Series' Included In This Deal: 

      1. Animals Of The Bible 12-Week Curriculum
      2. Bank On It 4-Week Curriculum
      3. Belief Reef 8-Week Curriculum
      4. Bible Art 6-Week Curriculum
      5. Bible Chef 8-Week Curriculum
      6. Bible Crafts 6-Week Curriculum
      7. Bible Ninjas 4-Week Curriculum
      8. Bible Numbers 8-Week Curriculum
      9. Bible Rockstar 8-Week Curriculum
      10. Bible Sidekicks 12-Week Curriculum
      11. Bummer 8-Week Curriculum
      12. Codebreakers 8-Week Curriculum
      13. Curious 4-Week Curriculum
      14. Deny Your Selfie 4-Week Curriculum
      15. Doughnuts 12-Week Curriculum
      16. Emotions 5-Week Curriculum
      17. Escape From Egypt 8-Week Curriculum
      18. Eternity & Beyond 12-Week Curriculum
      19. Extreme 8-Week Curriculum
      20. Fairy Tales 8-Week Curriculum
      21. Faith On The Farm 8-Week Curriculum
      22. Fantastic Verses And Where To Find Them 12-Week Curriculum
      23. Fear Crush 4-Week Curriculum
      24. Fruit 12-Week Curriculum
      25. Giants 12-Week Curriculum
      26. Gone Fishin 8-Week Curriculum
      27. Gross But Good 4-Week Curriculum
      28. Heaven 4-Week Curriculum
      29. High Score 8-Week Curriculum
      30. Idols: The Rise Of Who? 4-Week Curriculum
      31. Into The Bible Verse 8-Week Curriculum
      32. Jesus' BFFs 4-Week Curriculum
      33. Mic Drop 8-Week Curriculum
      34. Move 8-Week Curriculum
      35. Opposite Day 8-Week Curriculum
      36. Optical Illusions 8-Week Curriculum
      37. Pirates Who Pray 8-Week Curriculum
      38. Puzzled 8-Week Curriculum
      39. Rocky Road 8-Week Curriculum
      40. Roll Again 12-Week Curriculum
      41. Route 66 12-Week Curriculum
      42. Science & The Bible 13-Week Curriculum
      43. Screen Time 8-Week Curriculum
      44. Spies Of The Bible 8-Week Curriculum
      45. Summer Road Trip 8-Week Curriculum
      46. The Last Book 4-Week Curriculum
      47. The Lord's Prayer 6-Week Curriculum
      48. The Me I Can't See 4-Week Curriculum
      49. Time Travelers 12-Week Curriculum
      50. Truth And Dare 8-Week Curriculum
      51. Try Not To Laugh 4-Week Curriculum
      52. U.F.Os 4-Week Curriculum
      53. Unexplored Bible Stories 8-Week Curriculum
      54. Unknown Heroes 8-Week Curriculum
      55. Upside Down 4-Week Curriculum
      56. We Don't Talk About You Know 4-Week Curriculum
      57. Who God Made You To Be 8-Week Curriculum
      58. Wild West Faith 8-Week Curriculum
      59. Wonder Women 8-Week Curriculum
      60. You've Got Talent 8-Week Curriculum

      About This Curriculum:

      • This bundle is an instant download
      • Perfect for kids ages 6-12
      • Includes large group and small group resources
      • Download a free sample here 

      Each Lesson Includes

      • Memory Verse
      • Skit
      • Object Lesson
      • Lesson
      • Discussion
      • Game
      • More!

        Guaranteed to be Awesome!

        This bundle has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked! If you aren't high-fiving everyone at church because you love this Children's Ministry curriculum bundle, we will give you a big hug and give you a 100% refund, no matter the reason. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

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        • Amber Jackson
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        • Christa Newcomb
        • Julie Cramer
        • Rachel Wells
        • Serena Cargill

        EVERYONE who ordered during the first 24 hours won 100 games ($1,000 value)!


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