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10 Commandments Children's Ministry Sample Lesson

FREE 10-Commandments Children’s Ministry Lesson


Sample the first lesson from our 10 Commandments 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum!

God gave His people the 10 Commandments to show them the way He wants people to live. It is a guide on how to treat God and how to treat others. Many years later, Jesus became the only person to ever obey the 10 Commandments perfectly. This 10 Commandments 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum is perfect to use any time of the year.

10 Commandments Children's Ministry Curriculum

10 Commandments Sample Lesson Overview:

Memory Verse: “The law of the Lord is perfect. It gives us new strength. The laws of the Lord can be trusted. They make childish people wise.” Psalm 19:7 (NIrV)

God Gives His Commandments – God freed the Israelites from Egypt and made them His people. He gave them the 10 Commandments so that they would know the difference between right and wrong. Exodus 20:1-21, The Ten Commandments

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