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Is Sunday School Destroying our Kids?

Several years ago I met with a woman distraught by her son’s rejection of Christianity.She said, “I did everything I could to raise him right. I taught him to be like the ‘heroes of faith,’ with the faithfulness of Abraham, the goodness of Joseph, the pure heart of David, and the obedience of Esther.”She wondered why he rejected Christianity.  I wondered why it took him so long. Here is how we destroy the gospel message: Look at almost any Sunday school curriculum. You’ll find: Abraham was faithful, and God made him the father of a nation. So be faithful like...

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To All Adults Worrying About the Election...

“All of you who are 45 and older, look up here.  Many of you have grown weary and lost heart and the reason is–you have fixed your eyes on a political system… and you are growing weary and you need to knock it off and I’ll tell you why… because you are scaring the children!  You need to model for the next generation that God is in control, God can be trusted.  Fix your eyes on Jesus.”  - Andy Stanley

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This is your sign.

Share this graphic with your church. Click here to download the JPEG file of this graphic.

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BREAKING NEWS: Ben Carson Named President of Children's Ministry Deals

In a press conference late this evening, Ben Carson – 2016 Presidential candidate, and renowned brain surgeon – was named the new President of Children's Ministry Deals, the #2 Children's Ministry curriculum producer in the US. Carson will take over as the new president effective immediately on April 1, 2016.   “I am honored to get to serve as the new President of CMD.  We are looking forward to making new fun and exciting Children's Ministry curriculum that will help make Jesus famous to the next generation," Carson explained. "I've always been impressed by this company's commitment to teach kids Biblical truths in a fun...

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I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Candy

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel encouraged parents to tell kids that they ate their Halloween candy and record their kids' reactions.  Some of the reactions are funny, some are sweet, and some are just scary! Use Candy and Candy Bars to Teach Kids Bible Lessons! Wouldn't it be cool if you could use popular candy and candy bars to teach kids lessons from the Bible?  Our Candy 12-Week Children's Ministry curriculum has been one of our most downloads series' of all time.  And, our newest series' that released this month is called Candy Bars 12-Week Children's Ministry curriculum.   Click on...

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