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Children are our greatest gift from the Lord. In our world today, they have so many people around them, teaching them and leading them in one way or another, investing in their little lives. Parents, teachers, Sunday school teachers, children’s pastors- all instructing them in the way they see fit. The world is also competing for their attention, longing to fill their hearts and minds with opinions, worldviews, and lies about who God is. That is why it is so important for children’s pastors and ministers to combat these ideas with words of truth from the Bible. Whether used for Sunday school or children’s ministry, these 10 Bible lessons for kids can provide a foundation for salvation and the Christian life at a young age so that when they are older, they will not depart from it, as it says in Proverbs 22:6. 

1. The Beginning of the World: Creation

Focus Chapters: Genesis 1-2

God laid the foundation of his relationship with man in the beginning of time. He spoke and separated light from darkness, he shaped the earth and all of the planets, he crafted every living thing, and most of all, he breathed life into man. Thus a relationship began. This is an important Bible lesson because it shows children God’s purpose for the earth and his purpose for mankind. This specific lesson sets the stage for understanding the truths about God. 

2. When Sin Entered the World: Adam and Eve

Focus Chapters: Genesis 3

Genesis 3 describes the fall of humanity when sin came into the picture. Romans 5:12 says that through one man sin entered the world. That man was Adam. It is important to know the concept of sin in order to understand the depth of God’s grace and mercy. If one knows his (or her) own sin, he (or she) will know the need for a Savior. This is one of the first steps to understanding the salvation of Jesus Christ. Do not shy away from the teaching of sin with children. Instead, teach them that sin leads us to Jesus.

3. The Sin Problem: Noah and the Flood

Focus Chapters: Genesis 6-9

Sin had grown and spread over all the earth. It was so bad that God needed to start over with mankind. Noah, a man of faith, obeyed the Lord’s instructions to build an ark to save himself, his family, and two of each animal. God rescued Noah and restored his covenant with his people. This story is essential for children to understand how sin can affect others and that the punishment for sin is death as it says in Romans 6:23. However, it is also important to show that God promised to never flood the earth again and has kept that promise.

4. The First Covenant: Abraham and Sarah

Focus Chapters: Genesis 12, 17-18, 21

These chapters tell the story of God’s promise (or covenant) with Abraham, that he will make him into a great nation in chapter 12. The story then moves into the prophecy foretold to both Abraham and Sarah that Sarah will bear a child (Genesis 17-18), and then the child born in chapter 21. By teaching the story of Abraham and Sarah, children will see that nothing is impossible with God as the Lord says in Genesis 18:14. We do not need to plan our own lives, but instead follow his plans.

5. A Man of Forgiveness: Joseph 

Focus Chapters: Genesis 43-45

The end of Genesis describes the famine that had spread throughout the land and how God had used Joseph and put him in a place of high authority to oversee the distribution of food during the famine. Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt seeking food and Joseph is faced with a decision. He could either cling to his bitterness or offer forgiveness to the ones who had betrayed him. This story is essential in understanding the forgiveness of God. We were the ones who betrayed him, yet out of his love for us, he forgave us from all of our sins. This story will help children understand their need for a Savior and how God could forgive sinners. Forgiveness is the theme of the Gospel message.

6. Moses Encounters God

Focus Chapters: Exodus 3

In Exodus chapter 3, Moses encounters God in a powerful way- the burning bush. God calls Moses to be his vessel and lead his people out of Egypt and to the promised land. Moses had to decide whether he would cower under Pharoah or if he would stand up for the Lord and his people. Moses didn’t think he was good enough because of his speech, so God sent his brother Aaron to speak for him. God took care of Moses; he needed Moses to just agree to go. God will care for us in the same way if we submit to his plan. This is an important part of being a Christian that children need to understand. They need to know that God has a plan for their lives and all they have to do is trust and follow him.

7. A Shepherd with the Strength of God: David

Focus Chapters: 1 Samuel 17

David was called a man after God’s own heart. Even as a young boy he had courage and bravery beyond his years. He was not afraid to take on the giant Goliath, knowing that he would not be alone. God would be with him and would continue to be with him throughout his life. This story is a good lesson to teach that we are never alone. God always goes with us and never leaves us. 

8. Praying through Hard Times: Daniel

Focus Chapters: Daniel 1-6

Daniel was a humble man of God who spoke to him on a daily basis. He prayed and stayed in communication with God even after the religious leaders came up with a law to stop him. His devotion to the Lord got him thrown into a lion’s den. However, God shut the mouths of the lions and rescued Daniel. When we devote ourselves to the Lord and his plan, he will walk beside us through the most difficult times. This is a good message for children to take to heart. 

9. Salvation Come to Earth: Jesus

Focus Chapters: Matthew 27-28

Jesus came to earth as a baby to live and walk and breathe as we do. He would lead the disciples and the people to repentance. His death on the cross would make a way for that salvation and his resurrection would bring life to the dead. This story will explain the purpose of salvation and Christianity. It is the cornerstone of the Christian faith.

10. Go Tell the World: The Great Commission

Focus Chapters: Matthew 28

The most important piece of being a Christian is found in this scripture. If we are truly Christians, then we will go and tell others so that they will come to know the faith we know. If children come to know the Savior, they will need to understand that He has entrusted them with a purpose- to go and tell all the world- in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth. They carry the gospel with them and should go and tell others. 

These ten Bible lessons for kids will help them understand what Christianity is and the need for a Savior. Each Bible story builds on the previous one and leads to the ultimate message of salvation. Together, children will learn how to be saved and how to live a Christian life.

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