M&Ms Gospel Printable for Kids

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Print this M&Ms Gospel Printable for everyone in your church!

This is a quick and easy way to remind your entire church of the Gospel.  Simply attach a bag of M&Ms to the page and pass them out this Sunday morning to everyone in your church.  Print as many copies of this printable as you need for your church.  This PDF file is designed to be printed on letter size paper.  Just click the green "Add to Cart" button above, and you can checkout for free.

Skittles Back to School Prayer Text:

Blue M - is for Manger where Jesus was born. Luke 2:1-7

Red E - is for Everyone and reminds us that Jesus came to show he loves us all. John 3:16
Brown 3 - is for three crosses on a hill the day Jesus died for our sins. John 19:18
Orange M - is for Morning and the orange sunrise when Jesus rose. Mark 16:2-6 
Green W - is for World.  Jesus told us to tell the whole world that He loves them. Matthew 28:16-20
Yellow E - is for Eternity. That’s how long we can be with Jesus in heaven if we accept him as our Savior. John 5:24 

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