NEW and FUN Children's Ministry Curriculum!
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Fun Children's Ministry Curriculum

Check out our newest FUN Children's Ministry curriculum below!

Can I tell you a secret?  I hate things that are boring.  You know, stuff that has no energy…like my dreaded sophomore year humanities class in college learning about the different types of columns in Roman architecture. Ughhhhh, can't stand stuff like that.

Fun Children's Ministry CurriculumI listened to a Children's Ministry curriculum question and answer session at a conference, and people were asked to share what they really wanted in a curriculum.  The textbook answer is that everyone wanted Biblical solid curriculum, which is a given, but guess what the overwhelming answer was when people let down their guard and were honest…they wanted curriculum that was fun...they were tired of the same old stuff.  Wow…they're exactly right.  There's no shortage of really Biblically solid curriculum…but there is a big shortage of curriculum that is fun and new.  So, here's what I did.  I came up with ideas for around 10 different Biblically solid curriculum series' and sent out a survey.  Several thousand Children's Ministers answered the survey.  And, then I repeated the process several more times with more ideas.  I found that there were several curriculum series' that everyone really wanted.  And, they all had one thing in common.  They were all FUN!

So our team at Children's Ministry Deals got to work producing this new FUN Children's Ministry curriculum.  And, when we launched it, the response was overwhelming.  unFrozen was the #1 Christmas curriculum for 2014.  And, the demand for other curriculum has been incredible!