Escape the Room 4-Week Preteen Ministry Curriculum

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Escape from Temptation!

Temptation comes to all of us, but it doesn't have to trap us in the snare of sin. This series will give preteens Biblical strategies for dealing with temptation so that they can escape before it's too late.

Escape Room Preteen Ministry Curriculum

Escape the Room Lessons Overview:

Memory Verse: “I have hidden your word in my heart so that I won’t sin against you.” Psalm 119:11(NIrV)

1. Follow The Clues
Scripture: James 1:13-18, Temptation
We might be want to blame God when we find ourselves being tempted, but we need to understand that temptation to sin does not come from God. If we follow the clues, we will see where temptation truly comes from.
Objective: Preteens will learn that temptation does not come from God.

2. The Clock is Ticking
Scripture: Genesis 39:8-12, Joseph and Potiphar's Wife
Sometimes we don't give into temptation right away, but we let it hang around and just keep thinking about it. The longer we entertain temptation, the more difficult it is to resist. The clock is ticking on our ability to fight temptation; we need to flee as soon as it shows up.
Objective: Preteens will learn the fastest way to fight temptation is to avoid it.

3. Crack the Code
Scripture: Luke 4:1-13, The Temptation of Jesus
No one is immune from being tempted – not even Jesus when he lived on this earth. But Jesus had cracked the code on how to resist temptation: Know God's Word.

Objective: Preteens will be challenged to read and memorize Scripture, so that they can be armed to battle temptation when it comes.

4. Escape the Room
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:1-13, Not Overtaken
Temptation comes for all of us, but giving into temptation is optional. The Bible tells us that God will always provide a way out of temptation. We can and should always call out to him in prayer when we are tempted.
Objective: Preteens will learn that God has provided a way to escape temptation and will be given an opportunity to accept Jesus into their hearts.

About This Curriculum:

  • Perfect for children ages 9-12
  • 4 weeks
  • Includes both Large Group and Small Group resources
  • This curriculum is an instant download
  • Download a free sample lesson here.

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Make It Stick! Parent Sheet
  • Memory Verse
  • Skit
  • Object Lesson or Kids Sermon
  • Large Group Lesson
  • Small Group Discussion
  • Large Group Game
  • More!

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