Children's Ministry Volunteers

We asked our 17,000+ member Children's Pastors Only Facebook group what the best activities for Advent they use in their Children's Ministry. This is how they voted:

Advent is always a tricky thing to teach kids. However, we asked real people working in Children's Ministry the best ways to teach kids about Advent. We hope to see you use some of these awesome Advent activities. 


1. Advent Calendars

2. Advent Curriculum

3. Advent Wreath

4. Advent Boxes

5. Advent Stories 

Here's a snapshot of the actual poll results.  Scroll down below the image to find some helpful links.

5 Best Advent Activities for Children's Ministry

Be sure to check out our awesome Advent Calendars made specially for Children's Ministry.

We also have an Advent Story Coloring Book that is great to teach kids about Advent.