If you've been in Children's Ministry for any length of time, you've got a funny story to tell.

Tell us the funniest things you've heard kids say at church. We'll pick our favorites and turn them into motivational posters you can keep in your office. 

Hear are few personal examples from my own Children's Ministry experience to get ball rolling:

Bring a Friend to Church

One Sunday during small group and we were discussing courage, and what it looks like to have courage.  I opened it up to the kids to share an example of something that took courage and one little girl pulled a ripe, red tomato out of her pocket and said "it took courage for me to bring my tomato to church today."  

Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus

On another Sunday we had brought ice cream sandwiches to church for the kids to have as a treat at the end of church.  As all the kids are eating their sandwiches, one little boy walks up to me with ice cream all over his face and says "Momma's gonna have to take me to the park today, because I'm going to be wild!"

Now it's your turn!  Use the box below to submit your funniest thing you've heard kids say at church.