Use this object lesson on responsibility to teach kids what God wants humans to be responsible for.

Object Needed: House Key

Big Idea: We have a responsibility to keep this world clean and all of God’s creatures safe.

We've included the text for this object lesson below and we even recorded a video to help give you ideas for how to teach it.  Enjoy watching!

Responsibility Object Lesson Script

How many of you have one of these for your home? How old were you when your parents gave you one? Why did your parents decide you needed a key? What rules did your parents give you when they gave you a key?

There’s a great deal of freedom that comes with having that key, isn’t there? You can get into the house without the help of your parents (or someone else inside). But there’s also responsibility that comes with having a key. When you leave the house, what do you have to do? You have to lock up! You have an obligation and a responsibility to keep the house safe.

Can you loan your key out to a friend? No! You also have a responsibility to keep that key to yourself and not to let your copy or any others get out. Your family’s safety and possessions depend on that.

Way back in Genesis, God gave Adam and Eve the keys not only to their home, but also to the whole world. God placed them in charge of the animals and the plants that he made to fill the world. He gave them these things for their pleasure and enjoyment, but he also gave them the responsibility to keep them safe and to protect them.

How do you think we, as their descendants, have done in that job?

When you look at the pollution, the litter, and the harm that has come to the planet, it’s pretty clear we haven’t lived up to the responsibility. That’s not to mention all the endangered and extinct animals whose very existence depended on our care!

God gave us this world to enjoy. He gave us food to eat and beautiful sights to take in, from waterfalls and mountains to the turning leaves of autumn. But we can’t take these gifts for granted. We have a responsibility to keep our world clean and keep all God’s creatures safe.

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