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Tabernacle 1-Into the Outer Court 7-Week Curriculum

Tabernacle 1-Into the Outer Court 7-Week Curriculum


Teach Kids About the Tabernacle!

What is it

Each download contains the following: 7 lessons in MS WORD, 7 lesson PDFs with graphics, and PowerPoint Presentations for each lesson.


What's Included

7 lessons in PDF and Word document format, plus a PowerPoint presentation for each lesson.


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More Than One Sentence

Check out these 7 lesson titles. Each one is packed full of visual and hands on learning to encourage children to pursue a life of unbroken fellowship with God! PowerPoint Presentations now included for each lesson!

1.      A Will... A (Perfect) Way: God’s perfect will

2.      Relationship Not, Religion: Fellowship with God

3.      A Stone’s Throw Away: Man’s sin dilemma

4.      Don’t Cut Out the Middle Man!: Jesus makes a way

5.      Always Open 24/7/365: Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice

6.      That’s Choice!: Chosen by God

7.      You Gotta’ Come Clean: Sanctification   

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