12 Children’s Ministry Volunteer Role Descriptions (You Need to Know)

Looking for volunteers in your children’s ministry?  Here is an easy go-to list of 12 kid ministry volunteer role descriptions!  Using these volunteer descriptions to request help from your church members can aid in narrowing down the roles and help people see what specific areas they might be gifted and able to serve.  We hope this also helps you to communicate to your congregation, in the bulletin or newsletter, where your highest current needs are!  

Children’s Ministry Teacher – “God’s Word Sharer”

Attends and leads weekly Bible teaching, lessons, and activities for the children.  Works closely with the Children’s Pastor to help select the curriculum and lesson plans.  Partners with parents to give the kids the best possible experience.  Supervises children and ensures a safe and fun environment!  Enjoys teaching and sharing the Word of God with kids!

Children’s Ministry Classroom Helper – “Hands and Feet of Jesus”

Assists children’s ministry teachers in classroom preparation and leading kids in activities.  Helps supervise the children with games, crafts, and clean up.  Enjoys helping and sharing the love of Jesus with kids!

Kid’s Worship/Choir Leader – “God Praiser”

Prepare and supervise kid's choir rehearsals and performances.  Leads children’s ministry Worship on Sunday mornings and supervises volunteers.  Works closely with the Children’s Pastor to coordinate dates of performances.  Loves to rejoice and praise God!

Kid’s Vocal/Instrumental Volunteer – “Joyful Noisemaker”

Vocal and/or instrumental musicians help lead worship under the children’s worship leader's supervision.  Attends scheduled rehearsals and performances.  Aids with the children’s choir rehearsals and performances.  Makes a joyful noise to the Lord!

Children’s Ministry Small Group Leader – “Friend of Jesus”

Leads a small group of children on Sunday morning breakout sessions.  Engages kids in short activities, discussion time, and prayer time.  Is a mentor and role model for their small group!  Encourages kids in their relationship with Jesus!

Children’s Ministry Small Group Helper – “Jesus’s Love Spreader”

Assists the small group leader on Sunday mornings.  Helps supervise kids and joins in discussions, activities, and prayer.   Is a role model for their small group.  Shows kids the love of Jesus!

Kid’s Snack Volunteer – “Smiling Snack Server”

Prepares and serves snacks to kids on Sunday mornings.  Cleans up kitchen space after snack is served.  Occasionally helps with food shopping, restocking supplies, and checking inventory.  Enjoys serving with a smile!

Children’s Ministry Event Planner – “Faith Walker”

Works closely with the Children’s Pastor to plan and help lead events in children’s ministry.  Coordinates a team of helpers to advertise, decorate, create, and budget for the event.  Some events may include a Vacation Bible School, Church Wide Family Events, and more!  Has the gift of organization and the ability to trust God with plans and events!

Children’s Ministry Event Helper – “Helpful Supporter”

Works with the event planner to plan for the children’s ministry events.  Attends and volunteers at church events.  Enjoys helping and serving together!

Kid’s Game Volunteer – “Energizer”

Helps lead games on Sunday mornings and/or during children’s ministry events.  Supervises kids during game time and invites and engages kids in the activities.  Enjoys leading high-energy games such as a relay race or a ball game.  Shares their excitement and energy for the Lord!

Kid’s Missions and Service Project Leader – “Missionary”

Prepares and leads mission and service projects in children’s ministry.  Provides opportunities for kids to serve in the church, the local community, and mission one-day events.  Partners with other local churches and ministries to create an ongoing ministry.  Encourages kids to share the love of Jesus with others!

Kid’s Missions and Service Helper – “Servant of Jesus”

Helps lead kids in mission and service projects in the church and the local community under the supervision of the mission and service project leader.  Has a servant's heart!

These 12 descriptions are just some of the volunteer opportunities in children’s ministry, but there is always room for more.  You can create your own volunteer descriptions for opportunities such as “Children’s Event Host – Welcoming Speaker” for individuals who enjoy speaking at and hosting events, “Nursery Volunteer – Followers of Jesus” for those willing and able to serve in the nursery, “Baseball Coach - Encourager,” for a church capable of hosting and an enthusiastic volunteer willing to lead, “Artist – Creative Child of God,” for those who can help design and paint the sets for musicals and VBS, and more.  There are endless ways to be involved and serve in children’s ministry, and we could only scratch the surface with these roles!  

Creating Volunteer Job Postings

Excellent places to post these volunteer positions are on the church’s website, on a slideshow before the sermon, in the bulletin, in the church's emailed newsletter, and even on a website offering volunteer positions.  Communicating this repeatedly and consistently over several weeks will give everyone ample opportunity to see the need.  Most churches have found that using multiple ways of communication instead of just one helps to reach more people.  While one member of the congregation may always read the bulletin on Sunday mornings, another member might check their weekly email newsletter more regularly.  You can’t put the information out there in too many places.  The more places, the better.  

Some people respond to personal invitations better than these written forms of communication.  Spreading the word and inviting people in person is always important, as well.  You can encourage current volunteers and church employees to spread the word by inviting parents and pickup and drop-off times, talking with friends before and after church services, and making short announcements in adult Sunday school classes, Bible studies, and before church services.  

Remember Why We Serve

No matter how we decide to spread the word about our children’s ministry needs, we can best communicate it effectively when we stay focused on the reason we serve.  Then we can better communicate what we are really looking for.  We are asking for a volunteer to teach, but most importantly a heart of teaching God’s truth.  We are asking for a talented musician to lead worship, but mostly a person after God’s own heart.  We are asking for a person willing to lead games, but what we most need is a volunteer excited about Jesus!  

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