3 Memorial Day Sunday School Lesson Activities

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have served and died fighting for our country's freedom. As we remember the heroes in America’s armed forces, we can be grateful for their sacrifice. This Memorial Day weekend, we have the opportunity to teach children about freedom, courage, and gratitude! Here are 3 great activities you can include in your Memorial Day Sunday School lessons!

Freedom Frog Game

Invite kids to join you in playing the "Freedom Frog Game." The rules of this game may be simple, but the experience is a lot of fun. 

How to Play

Kids will either be frogs or capturers. All the frogs will begin on one side of the room, and all the capturers will begin on the opposite side. It’s important to have double the number of frogs than capturers. For example, if you have 20 frogs, you should have about 10 capturers. 

For a frog to become a “freedom frog,” it must hop from one side of the room to the other and touch the wall before it gets tagged. Once it makes it to the wall, the frog becomes free and receives a red, white, or blue bandana to wear on its head. 

Any frog tagged becomes a captured frog and must freeze where it was tagged. Frogs with bandanas can hop around and free captured frogs, but the captured ones still must make it to the wall before they are tagged again to receive their freedom. 

If two free frogs team together and tag a capturer, the capturer becomes a frog. (But they must be tagged by two frogs at once.) Then they must make it to the wall to receive their freedom before one of their previous capturer friends realizes it and tags them. 

The game ends when everyone becomes a frog or you run out of time, whichever comes first.

Memorial Day Discussion Questions

When the game is over, ask the kids a few questions: 

  • How did it feel to be free? 
  • What does it mean to live in a free country? 
  • How does it feel to live in a free country? 
  • Who do we remember on Memorial Day? 
  • How is our country's freedom similar to freedom in Christ Jesus?
  • What blessings and freedoms can we be thankful for from God?

Memorial Day Lesson and Craft

As we celebrate the fallen heroes who have fought to give the United States of America freedom, we can teach our kids about courage! A well-known war hero in the Bible is David. 

Unlike King Saul, David had a close relationship with God and began to have a heart after God’s own heart. Where Saul rejected God’s word and focused his attention on pleasing himself and his people, David obeyed God’s instructions and trusted Him. Because of this reliance on God, David became very courageous. 

[H3] Lesson: David's Courage (1 Samuel 17)

Begin by asking the kids,

  • Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? Who are we remembering
  • Does it take courage to fight for your country’s freedom? How can we have courage like those who have fought and died for our country?

Next, read 1 Samuel 17:34-50. Highlight the main point that David had courage not because he had confidence in himself but because he had confidence in God! Courage comes from faith that God is the one in control and He is the one who can protect us. 

Craft: Shield of Faith (Ephesians 6)

After this Bible lesson, have the kids create a shield craft from cardstock and tinfoil. 

Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock
  • Tinfoil
  • Permanent Markers


  1. Instruct the kids to cut out a shield shape from the card stock with scissors. 
  2. Next, have them wrap their shield in tinfoil. 
  3. Give kids permanent markers to decorate their shields. Ask each kid to write FAITH somewhere on their shield.

While the kids are working, read Ephesians 6:16 and talk about how we can have courage like David when we use faith as our shield. Faith is the act of believing in God and trusting Him! 

Remind the kids:

“We can’t have courage alone; we need someone mighty and strong to trust to have our backs the way God was with David. Next time you feel afraid, put your faith in God, and He will give you the help you need to be brave!”

Free Memorial Day Church Lessons

We hope this Memorial Day Sunday School lesson and activities are helpful as you prepare for this Memorial Day weekend. For more Memorial Day church lesson plans and activities, be sure to check out our free lessons available at Childrens-Ministry-Deals.com:

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