7 Things to Look for When Choosing a New Kid Ministry Curriculum

There are a lot of top-notch children's curriculums out there! As you search for your next kid ministry curriculum, looking for a quality product is essential! The following are 7 critical components to pay attention to as you explore the world of children's curriculum. They may be able to aid you in making the best decision for your children's ministry.


1. Title Name

Take notice of your initial response to the name of the curriculum. Ask yourself a few questions: Does this title excite you? Will children be engaged and interested in this subject matter? Can you add your creative flare to this kind of theme? If you feel this title has potential, then it's time to investigate further!

2. Substance

As you read the curriculum's description, you will be able to get a good feel for what the content is really about. For example, our newer curriculum Bible Chef has a brief summary stating: "Each week kids will look at something that makes for a great dish – sweet, salty, hot, fresh – or something that can ruin a dish – cold, sour, spoiled, burnt – both in the kitchen and in life. They will cook up their own tasty snacks – no oven required, as they learn about all the good things that God has cooking for those who love and follow Him." A kid ministry curriculum must have substance! In this example, the cooking theme is linked to the Christian walk and how to follow Jesus. If you notice both an exciting theme and substantial content…you are well on your way!

3. Bible Based

Next, explore what scripture will be taught in the lessons. Check to see if God's word is the focal point of the curriculum. Each lesson should be centered around scripture, and if a memory verse is included, even better! A curriculum solely about the fun or the theme and not enough about God's word will often neglect to leave an authentic impression on children. In contrast, a curriculum centered around the Bible demonstrates God's truth and helps kids to grow in their faith.

4. Get a Taste!

Websites that provide a free sample lesson aren't afraid of letting you take a look and get a taste of what the curriculum will be like! Download a free sample lesson such as 

https://www.childrens-ministry-deals.com/collections/free-elementary-curriculum/products/free-bible-chef-sunday-school-lessons from Bible Chef, and find out if the curriculum is a good match for your church!

5. What's included?

Be sure to take notice of what's included in a curriculum. Having too much is better than not enough to fill the time. You can always take out a section, but filling in the gaps with your ideas is a lot more work. Children's Ministry Deals provides a large group lesson, skit or puppet show, craft, game, small group discussion, memory verse activities, and more! Our elementary curriculums include an object lesson, while our preschool curriculums include a hands-on activity! Pursue a curriculum that will appropriately engage the kids in their age group.

6. Budget

It would be nice if cost didn't matter, but realistically, as you search for a curriculum, it must meet within your church's budget. Consider the price tag as you look for a curriculum that meets your requirements. Our website offers great deals. We also offer bundle deals for the entire year. It is possible to find exceptional quality while still being economical.

Here are a few fantastic deals we are offering this season:

The Year Long Bible Journey


52-Week Kid's Church Curriculum Bundle


52-Week Preschool Ministry Curriculum Bundle


7. Reliability

If you've successfully chosen a kid  ministry curriculum from a reliable website in the past, chances are there will be more you will enjoy! Search the new curriculums available or look at old ones you may have missed. If a website keeps old curriculums up, chances are they are popular ones that churches enjoy. After a few positive experiences with a site, you can rely on them continuously! This will begin to take the burden of not knowing where to look off your shoulders. Finding a company you can depend on can be a true blessing for your children's ministry.  

Checking to see if the site is consistent with the lesson plan format, what they include, and creativity gives insight into how reputable they are. Another thing to look for is positive reviews. Our website allows churches to leave reviews, and you can find them at the bottom of each curriculum page. 

When you see a positive review such as, "We love the simplicity of the lesson outline, and the overall curriculum is great! Easy to follow and to teach! Our kids are loving it!" (Lori G. wrote about our Ready, Set, Go! curriculum) it may just be the extra nudge you need to make a decision. All these factors play into finding a reliable source you can use season after season.

Choosing a new curriculum can feel like a lot of pressure, but when you follow these steps, you will see that it can be fairly simple. Your main objective is to find a Bible-based curriculum where kids will have a blast and ministry leaders will enjoy teaching! Once you find the one that you're looking for, it will be worth all the effort! Happy curriculum hunting!

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