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What's the best Children's Ministry Check In System?

We asked our 15,000+ member  Children's Pastors Only Facebook group what the best Check-In System for Children's Ministry is. These are the top 10 check-in systems in order:

You can click on each check-in system name to go directly to their website.

1. KidCheck

2. Planning Center Online

3. KidMin App

4. Church Community Builder

5. Fellowship One

6. Lambslist

7. Breeze

8. KidEvent Pro

9. Brightwheel

10. Kidddo

Watch the video to see Jeremy's quick advice on how to pick the right Children's Ministry Check In System from the list.

If you're looking for a great breakdown on the features of each of these systems, click here to read the "10 Church Check In Software Options You Need to Know About" blog post by Renada Thompson.  Also, you can scroll through the comments below to see what other systems some people are using.






    kidmin app does not publish any type of privacy policy or company information. How do you make sure your information is safe when using a online/cloud service?

    Katey Witt

    We are still old school in using tags or stickers for pickup.


    We love Ministry Tracker! It’s easy to use, does everything we need — from tracking attendance to sending e-mails/texts — and it’s inexpensive!


    We use Roll Call from

    M. Douglas

    We’ve used Excellerate for three years and currently transitioning to Power Church. Have t cared for excellerate and know nothing about Power Church so hoping for the best ahead!


    We use paper and pencil. It helps us to better Connect the kids on a personal level.

    Deb Neuenschwander

    ChurchTeams is easy and reasonably priced


    The the best security check in are the stickers from KidsSafe. They work well for small churches who are mostly familiar faces. And they are cheaper than a system a church our size can’t afford.


    We have terrible Internet service at our church. Due to thw area we are located in they are not running anything new out toward us. I need something software based so that I don’t have to rely on the internet.


    We just started using a relatively new system called Seraphim. It does child check in as well as many other functions



    Marsha C Hancock




    Leslie Thurman

    We don’t use one currently but are wanting to start soon. I am very interested in what your results turn out. Thank you!

    HAley tIllman

    Easy tithe plus


    ACS Checkpoint


    We used ACS at my former church and are looking into purchasing it at my current church.

    Teri Nunley

    Previously used Kidcheck but switched to Roll Call for the price difference and have been very happy. But to vote I would have to say Kidcheck since Roll Call is not an option. :)


    We are a small church so we don’t use one


    We use paper, but I would love to change that this year and I’m following this post!


    We are under 200 in size. We do not use a check-in system for our children’s ministry. We have pagers which are given to parents of babies in the nursery.

    Harriet Inman

    We use KidCheck.


    We use TouchPoint

    Tammie Jones

    We are small so we do paper check in.


    We still use paper, I print them!

    Gigi Wilkins

    We use Elexio. The whole church data base is set up thru them!! It works great! User friendly

    Nikki Slovnik

    We use Churchteams & I LOVE it!!!


    We use Roll Call


    We use the ARK system for our Awana program. Works great!

    Dario Cavazos

    Fellowship One

    Jessica Fachman

    We don’t use a system right now. We have a small church with around 15 kids on average in children’s church. The parents know us and we know them so it makes it easy.


    We use Simple Church. It works similar to Fellowship One.


    We use ACS CHECKPOINT. It interfaces with the software our church uses. I’d like to know if anything else out there works with ACS?

    Deb Neuenschwander

    We use Church Teams:


    We don’t currently use anything. I think it would be hard to implement anything. But not that I wouldn’t want to.


    We have tried several, but like Church Teams


    Answers Bible Curriculum through Answers in Genesis

    Aviry Christy

    Paper and caring adults.
    Backed up by Google sheets


    Our *other is By the Book – a check in/out system that has been a part of our Children’s Ministry for two years.


    We use church teams

    Samantha Mckinney

    We have an awesome childrens church and it is growing thank you God

    APril ALford

    Parent pager


    I said other because we don’t use a check in system other than teachers greeting parents and receiving children.

    LIsa HIcks

    Last year, my small church bought Name Badger from Sunday Software for our VBS. We only run about 50-60 kids and know most of them and their families from the community and through our AWANA program. Works for us for now.

    SHelley nIckels.

    We don’t have one. We still use pencil and paper. And we hate it. But no funds for anything. We still buy their breakfast and prizes out of our pockets. And I only have two volunteers for 40-50 kids Elementary and middle school

    Sheli Partin

    I have not used any of these. I have used Tadpole and like it because of the smartphone component that my tech era could check kids in and put a phone rather than kiosk and I as the director still had attendance access in real time. I will be checking out the above though. This is great!

    Nicole Caux

    We don’t use a check in system for childrens church but We have attendance books for sunday school and not sure what program for BG but it goes in our computer after we do a paper check in.


    We use Roll Call.

    Angela McQuiston

    Our church doesn’t have a check in system. We have 15-25 kids every Sunday and Wed night and 100% of them don’t have parents that attend church. Our bus ministry drives around and picks them up. Parents use it as a free babysitter on Sunday mornings.


    We’re a small church and have name tags that match the child with a number. That way if we have any new Nanny it makes it easier for them to remember their names.

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