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Best Children's Ministry Check In System Poll Results

Updated January 30, 2017: Congratulations to Julie Wallace from Greensburg, PA.  She won the $100 gift card from Chick-fil-a for voting in our poll to find out what the best check-in system is for Children's Ministry.  This question gets asked every week in our group, so we wanted to answer the question once and for all.  We've posted the final results below.

We asked our 15,000+ member  Children's Pastors Only Facebook group what the best Check-In System for Children's Ministry is. These are the top 10 check-in systems in order:

Best Children's Ministry Check In Systems

You can click on each check-in system name to go directly to their website.

1. KidCheck

2. Planning Center Online

3. KidMin App

4. Church Community Builder

5. Fellowship One

6. Lambslist

7. Breeze

8. KidEvent Pro

9. Brightwheel

10. Kidddo

Watch the video to see Jeremy's quick advice on how to pick the right Children's Ministry Check In System from the list.

If you're looking for a great breakdown on the features of each of these systems, click here to read the "10 Church Check In Software Options You Need to Know About" blog post by Renada Thompson.  Also, you can scroll through the comments below to see what other systems some people are using.


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    • Katey Witt on

      We are still old school in using tags or stickers for pickup.

    • Brandie on

      We love Ministry Tracker! It’s easy to use, does everything we need — from tracking attendance to sending e-mails/texts — and it’s inexpensive!

    • Cathy on

      We use Roll Call from

    • M. Douglas on

      We’ve used Excellerate for three years and currently transitioning to Power Church. Have t cared for excellerate and know nothing about Power Church so hoping for the best ahead!

    • KArla on

      We use paper and pencil. It helps us to better Connect the kids on a personal level.

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