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The story of Adam and Eve is a classic one for kids to learn in children’s ministry. In fact, you’ve probably already taught it dozens of times over the years. You may be wondering how to teach this story again in a way to make it fun and memorable for kids. 

First, don’t forget that even though YOU have heard the story dozens of times, some of the kids in your audience may be hearing it for the first time. Now to help you out, you’ll find a Sunday school lesson overview that will help you teach the story of Adam & Eve to Kids with games, snacks, dress up ideas, a memory verse, take-home activity, and object lessons. 

There are a couple of different parts of the story you can choose to focus on. The main idea can be the creation of the first humans, Adam and Eve, and the story could end there to begin games, snacks, memory verse, crafts (depending on the allotted amount of time you have). You can also focus on the “sin” portion of the story or teach the entire story. 

As a bonus, here is a free Sunday School lesson on Adam and Eve that can give you even more ideas! 

Whether you have taught this story multiple times, or this is your first time below you will find an outline of the story to get you started!



Always obey

The story of Adam and Eve is a great reminder to everyone about what can happen when the rules are not obeyed. It might feel ok in the beginning, or for a short while afterward, to break the rules, but it never ends well. Adam and Eve knew that what they were doing was not right, and they knew the consequences, but still chose to disobey. This is fairly similar to how we operate in life; we usually know the consequences of our actions and still chose to disobey. 


God wants to protect us

God gave Adam and Eve the rule of not eating from the tree to protect them from sin and evil. God’s rules and commands are never to harm us, they are always meant for our good, just like they were meant for good for Adam and Eve. God hates sin and doesn’t like that we have to experience it, but he also gives us the freedom to choose: God’s way or sin’s way. 


Name That Animal

One of Adam’s jobs that God gave him, was to name the animals. Turn this into a game! The kids either guess the proper name from a picture of an animal AND/OR they rename the animal to what they would choose if they had Adam’s job!

Hide & Seek

Adam and Eve kind of played the first game of hide and seek. Most of the time hiding in a classroom is almost close to obvious, so instead, have them hide a fake fruit in the room while everyone’s eyes are closed and the first one to find the hidden fruit gets to hide it next. 



Fruit is a simple and low-cost healthy snack and happens to be the main item in the story of Adam and Eve! You could get specific and get a tree growing fruit like apples or mangos, or you can make it super simple and have fruit trays of all kinds to share with the kids. Either way, the Adam and Eve story make for an easy snack day, which is an all-around win! 

Gummy Worms

They aren’t necessarily serpents, but they kind of resemble serpents, you could always give one out to each kid before you tell the story and ask them to pretend that their worm is actually a snake!


Giant leaves and a serpent mask

The first clothing mentioned in the story of Adam and Eve is fig leaves. To bring the story to life you could have giant fake fig leaves or just giant fake leaves in general and hold them or pin them to your clothes as you tell the story. If leaves are not an option, all green could do the trick too! The person who has the role of the serpent could also glue a picture of a serpent's head to a popsicle stick and hold it up as they read the serpent’s lines in the story. 



Genesis 2:18

Teach the Bible verse using your own made-up motions or the ones suggested below:

Then the Lord God said - Hands by mouth to imitate talking

It is not good – Shaking both pointer fingers back and forth in the “No, No” motion

for man to be alone – Take one finger away and hide behind your back, now only shaking one finger

I will make him a helper – cup hands together as if to be holding dust

suitable for him – open hands and hold them out


Apple Tree Bible verse counter.

Print off a coloring sheet of a blank tree, either write or have the kids write the Bible verse at the top. Have them take it home and draw one fruit onto the tree every time they say their verse and bring it back the next Sunday for a prize or to hang in the classroom. 


Recreate the story of Adam and Eve right in front of them using Play-Doh

The story of Creation is about just that – Creation! Just like God created Adam and Eve you can easily create a human-shaped Adam and Eve, and a tree with some fruit and a snake out of Play-Doh. Judging from video views on YouTube kids LOVE to watch toys being played with and/or things being created, so this is guaranteed to keep them entertained. If you feel it’s needed you could even have the kids help you create the story and tell it.

Mirror – God’s special creation

Start the story with this object lesson. You could even do this as they arrive in class and have the first ones to arrive be the ones who get to look in the box. Hide a mirror in the box with a cover. Tell the kids you want to show a few of them what God’s greatest creation is. Let them come up and look in the box, they will be pleasantly surprised to see a mirror showing them, THEMSELVES! Ask the kids who didn’t get to look, what they think is in the box. Then show them the mirror and discuss how God created everything, but that they as humans, are God’s most special creation. Then begin the story of how God created the first humans, Adam and Eve. 

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How to Teach the Story of Adam & Eve to KidsHow to Teach the Story of Adam & Eve to Kids

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