Offering Challenge Idea For Kids Church - The Carlitos Mission Project

Adopt The Carlitos Mission Project For Your Children's Ministry!

Are you looking for a fun giving challenge for your Children's Ministry, VBS, or Camp to adopt?

The Carlitos Mission Project is an amazingly simple and powerful way to share the love of Jesus with kids who are fighting life's toughest battles all around the world.

Started by Uncle Charlie (the Fruit of the Spirit's not a banana guy!) the Carlitos Mission Project aims to provide kids with the hope of Jesus by distributing free Carlitos comfort monkeys that point kids to the truth of Joshua 1:9 that we can be brave because Jesus is with us!

To date, Carlitos has impacted over 9,000 kids across America, in 49 out of 50 states.  
Here are the types of kids Carlitos has impacted:

- Kids in hospitals
- Kids with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses
- Kids with special needs (Physical or intellectual disabilities)
- Foster Children, newly adopted children
- Grieving children who have lost a parent, sibling or relative
- Refugee children from Ukraine
- Kids in safe houses who are victims of human trafficking
- Kid fighting emotional battles
- Traumatized children
- Underprivileged children
- Kids who are victims of natural disasters, fires, etc.
- Kids whose parents are going through divorce
- Kids in Children’s Homes and Group Homes

Carlitos also has a thriving ministry in Ukraine.

In less than two years, through special ministry projects, we have been able to impact over 12,000 internally displaced children inside of Ukraine.

Carlitos’ monkeys and full packets are available in 3 languages:

English, Español and Ukrainian

Carlitos and/or his materials have a presence in over 20 countries

How It Works:

Every $25 raised through the missions offerings provides two monkeys and packets to be used to bring the gospel to hurting children:

  • One set for your kids ministry/church to use for local missions
  • The other set for Uncle Charlie to use in his nation-wide ministry and beyond.

It’s a win-win for both ministries!

Uncle Charlie works hand-in-hand with you & provides everything you need:

  •        Promotional graphics for emails and social media
  •        Custom flyer masters to print and use as hand-outs/take homes
  •        3-minute video explaining the project to pastor, staff, and volunteers
  •        7 different 2-minute videos to choose from and play each day for the kids.
  •        A 2-minute Welcome/Thank You video from Carlitos himself
  •        Sample Carlitos and packets to use for show & display
  •        Take home items for kids that remind them to pray for the children
  •        Carlitos coloring pages to use in VBS or to take home

To get started simply download this free packet to get access to several videos and informational elements then reach out to Uncle Charlie directly to find out how he can customize this program for your specific ministry.

Carlitos is a 501-C3 Non Profit Ministry - Founded in March of 2019 by Charlie Bancroft - based in Tampa, FL.

Carlitos’ ministry website:
Charlie’s Cell:  813-240-4179

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