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1 Samuel chapter 17 tells the true, ultimate underdog story when a young boy defeats a massive giant. In the midst of battle, with the frightened Israelites fighting the mighty Philistines, David conquers Goliath with only a slingshot, some stones, and a prayer. Young David fought with the Lord on his side, showing his strong faith in the face of his enemies. This classic Bible story has great lessons to be learned from bravery to trusting God to facing fears. It’s a great lesson to teach to preschoolers because they will love the drama, the fight, and the win. There are many easy activities that can go along with your teaching to help the lesson stick. Below you’ll find some of the cutest ideas for preschool crafts to go along with this true story from God’s Word.

Fingerprint David and Goliath

Size matters…to most people. There’s a lot of emphasis put on the difference of stature between David and Goliath. If you were a betting person, chances are you’d choose Goliath to be the winner due to his towering size over David. Seeing the result of the battle puts into perspective that physical size doesn’t matter when it comes to God. This first craft can give kids a visual to see that. Have kids recreate the David and Goliath scene by making a fingerprint picture. You’ll need half sheets of white cardstock, various colors of washable ink pads, some markers, and wipes. You’ll want to make a sample of this craft ahead of time. Using your thumbprint, make a body representing David on one side of the paper. On the opposite side, use multiple fingerprints together to create a large Goliath. In between them, use the tip of one of your fingerprints to show a rock flying through the air. When this is complete, wipe off hands, and use the markers to add faces and limbs to the characters. This depiction of the Bible story will give kids a picture from 1 Samuel 17 and help them remember that David’s small size didn’t matter when it came to his big faith. 

Finger Figures

Another craft that uses the fingers is to make finger puppets to help recall and retell the battle scene. You just need paper, tape, and markers. You can simply do this by cutting small rectangles of paper that can be taped around kids’ fingers as clothing or cloaks for the characters. Tape a small paper around the pinky finger, and another rectangle paper of a different color around the pointer finger on the other hand. The pinky will represent David and the pointer finger will be Goliath. Make the clothing in such a way that it can be slipped on and off the fingers easily. Draw a happy face for David and a mean face for Goliath on the tip of the respective fingers. Use the finger puppets to retell the story. For example, Goliath says, “You are just a little boy. Ha! I can’t believe you came to fight me.” David responds, “I may be little, but I have God on my side.” Goliath says, “You don’t even have any weapons.” David says, “I only need this slingshot. I come in the Name of the Lord!” Kids will have fun pretending to be these characters. Practice telling the story and encourage them to put on a mini play for their family when they go home. 

Popsicle Slingshot

Kids are enamored with the slingshot part of the story. Why? Because slingshots are fun! For this easy craft, you just need paper, crayons, glue, crayons, and three popsicle sticks per kid (preferably two regular sized and one jumbo). Show kids how to make a slingshot out of craft sticks by gluing them into the shape of a Y. The two regular sized sticks should be the top prongs of the Y, and the jumbo stick should be the bottom handle. When waiting for the pieces to dry, have kids draw and color five rocks around the slingshot, representing the five stones that David had with him going into battle. It would be fun to teach kids the classic song, “Only a Boy Named David” while you’re doing this activity. Point out that a slingshot isn’t the most dangerous weapon, but it’s all David needed because he had God on his side. 

Painted Rocks

Making painted rocks can be a craft that reminds kids of an important part of the David and Goliath Bible story. The stones that David chose and used were part of what helped him defeat the giant. When kids see their craft, they can remember that, just like David, they have God on their side when they face hard things. For supplies gather large river rocks (which can usually be found at Dollar stores or craft stores), washable paint, paper plates (used as painting palettes), paintbrushes, and cups of water. Give each child a rock and encourage them to decorate it by painting it however they would like. This might best be done by having kids paint the rocks on small paper plates. They can easily dry this way. Tell them to take their rock home and put it in a special place where they will see it often. Remind them that every time they look at their rock, they can remember that God helps them be brave. 

Defeat Goliath Paper Plate

Kids love the goal of making a basket or landing a bean bag in the right place. Winning any type of game is always fun. This paper plate craft checks those boxes by having them ‘hit Goliath’s head’ by making a ball go through a hole. Think of it as playing corn hole with a paper plate. You’ll need to gather the following items: paper plates, scissors, crayons, and ping pong balls (crumpled paper could be used in place of the balls). Ahead of time, cut out a hole towards the top right side of each plate. The hole should be a bit bigger than a ping pong ball. Give each child a paper plate and crayons, having them draw figures on their plate to represent David and Goliath. These could be as simple as a small stick figure on the left side of the plate, and a large stick figure on the right side, making Goliath’s head be right next to the cutout hole. When this is finished, give each child a ping pong ball to place onto their plate. Show them how to move their plate around to move the ball. Tell them the goal is to move the ball, so it goes through the hole, making it look like David’s stone hits and defeats Goliath. They’ll enjoy this fun challenge.

These preschool-oriented crafts can help you wrap up your lesson time when teaching about David and Goliath. Each activity takes just a bit of effort and not many supplies. They are simple ways to take something home to both help kids remember God’s Word, as well as be able to share what they learned with their families.

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