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Wondering Which 2022 VBS Theme To Use This Year?

There are many fun, and new Vacation Bible School themes to choose from for 2022.  You may also see some familiar themes listed below as some producers are offering their 2021 VBS themes again since most churches were not able to host a VBS this year.

Hopefully we can help make choosing the right one a little easier with this list of some of the most popular 2022 VBS themes for this year.  We've included the promotional videos as well as links to each VBS theme creator's page so you can learn more about each one.  Happy planning! 

Castle of Courage - CMD 2022 VBS Theme

Welcome to the Castle of Courage! At the Castle of Courage, kids will meet King Ardor and the members of his kingdom, including the famous Knights of the Oval Table. These mighty warriors will teach kids that true courage – the kind that helps us face whatever comes our way – comes from trusting God. In our Castles of Courage 5-Day VBS curriculum, kids will learn that true courage comes from trusting God.

You can find more info on the Castle of Courage 2022 VBS on CMD's website here.

Monumental - Group 2022 VBS Theme

Go off-road for a Monumental adventure through the colorful canyons and sunbaked trails of the southwest. By exploring God’s awesomeness, kids form a rock-solid faith for the road ahead. There are two options to purchase: the ultimate starter kit and the ultimate starter kit + digital. In the starter kit, you can expect a detailed guide, documenting everything you need to get your VBS up and running. As always, you can expect video lessons, teaching kids the important bible story of the day. They also have video worship music, which is sure to get kids on their feet and dancing. Along with all of that, they also have tons of student resources that the kids get to take home with them through the week.

You can find more info on the Monumental 2022 VBS on Group's website here.


Spark Studios - Lifeway 2022 VBS Theme

Spark imagination and kick creativity into high gear at Spark Studios. In summer 2022, kids will learn that God’s creativity didn’t stop in Genesis. The Master Artist is working to redeem, reclaim, and transform us–His creation–to the design He planned for us. Kids will see the beautiful truth that they are God’s workmanship as they learn to use their talents to bring glory to Him.

You can find more info on the Spark Studios 2022 VBS on Lifeway's website here.

Jerusalem Marketplace - Group 2022 VBS Theme

Smell the fresh, warm bread; weave a basket of reeds; make clay pots… Can you hear the music echoing through the Marketplace? Engage all senses as you transport your church to a different time and a fresh experience—and walk with Jesus today! The starter pack includes a director guide, leader manuals, helpful DVDs and CDs, and student resources. Group believes that their curriculum requires fewer volunteers and less time to make a successful VBS. Each day kids will meet a new animal friend who will teach them something new about God, the Bible, the Church, and even themselves. GROUP’s VBS curriculum provides the essential resources to get your VBS up and running. Their leader manuals provide an in-depth description of what each teacher/leader’s responsibilities, taking some of the pressure off of the director.


You can find more info on the Jerusalem Marketplace 2022 VBS theme on Group's website Here

Zoomerang - Answers 2022 VBS Theme

G’day, mates! Welcome to Zoomerang! As we zoom around Australia, we’ll discover some amazing animals and sights! More importantly, like a boomerang, we are returning kids to what the Bible says about the value of life. We’ll discover how precious each and every one of us is to God. From the tiniest to the oldest, each person is made in the image of God, wonderfully designed to know him and to live for him! Out of his great love, God offers us salvation through his son, Jesus. Kids will learn that life is valuable! Grab your sunnies (that’s your sunglasses!) and your mates (those are your friends) and get ready for a fair dinkum time at Zoomerang! This 2022 VBS Theme is complete with lessons, games, and songs that helps kids see God in their own lives! 

If you have more questions about Zoomerang 2022 VBS Theme, click here.

Food Truck Party - 2022 Cokesburry VBS Theme 

Ready to cook up some fun? Cokesbury's Food Truck Party VBS invites children of all ages to get on a roll with God as a parade of Food Trucks rolls into their neighborhood for the summer's biggest party! This curriculum comes with games, lessons, and songs to help you create the most jaw dropping VBS yet! They also have several other resources available for additional purchase. 

Be sure to check out Cokesburry's website for Food Truck Party 2022 VBS Theme: here.

HayDay - Group 2022 VBS Theme


At HayDay VBS, kids will be up to their elbows in farmin’ fun as they explore one simple Bible truth: Jesus will always love us! Each day at HayDay VBS, kids plow through field-tested rotations that reinforce relevant Bible Points and immerse kids in new adventures. The starter kit includes high quality dvd videos, student resource samples, station leader manuals, and most importantly, the ultimate director go-to guide. For an extra $40, you can also get both physical and digital copies of all materials needed to create your most stellar VBS yet! 

Click here to find more info on HayDay 2022 VBS Curriculum. 

Make Waves - Orange 2022 VBS Theme

We think it’s possible for kids and volunteers to create a ripple effect that can impact the world around them in ways they will never forget. God dropped you onto this planet to do the same thing — to make waves. You’re designed to make positive change in the world. And the kids who show up in your ministry need to believe that about themselves, too. Orange has created an awesome VBS that reminds kids that Jesus gives them confidence. Press Play 2021 VBS comes in two packages: The VBS Starter Kit and a VBS Starter Kit with USB Included. All videos, games, advertisements, crafts, and songs are available to download when purchased. 

Click here for more info on Make Waves 2022 VBS Theme. 

Kookaburra Coast- RBP 2022 VBS Theme 

Kookaburra Coast is an epic Australian adventure where kids discover unique destinations and exotic animals, complete with jeep excursions, kangaroos in the outback, and the Great Barrier Reef. God’s glorious handiwork in Australia will lead to students seeing His life-changing glory through adventures with Moses. Like Moses, they will never be the same! The starter kit includes Director Manuals, Classroom Materials, Evangelism Materials, Promotional Materials, Music, Crafts, Attendance, Gifts & Awards, Missions Materials, and Promotional Video Downloads. There are KJV and NKJV versions, both costings $125. 

Look for more info? Click here to see the Kookaburra product page.

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