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Going Deeper With Our Faith

The sea contains many wondrous sights created by God. When we go under the sea and take a closer look, we see that the sea has much to teach us about God.


    Finding Jesus Lessons Overview:

    Memory Verse:

    “Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Romans 8:39 (NIV)


    Dolphins – Dolphins are very social animals talking with one another through vocal clicks and non-verbal behaviors. Kids will learn that when we know Jesus, we should be vocal about it – talking about Jesus with others. Acts 8:26-40, Philip And The Ethiopian

    Crabs – With their hard exoskeleton and their sharp claws, crabs have a reputation for being a bit, well “crabby.” Kids will learn that even on our crabbiest day, God can come along to turn it around. Jonah 1 & 2, Jonah Flees From God

    Sharks – Some species of shark must swim continually to keep water flowing through their gills, or else they will die. Kids will learn that we can't always be rushing around; to stay spiritually alive, we need to stop and spend time listening to Jesus. Luke 10:38-42, At The Home of Mary and Martha

    Stingrays – With their flat bodies, stingrays are able to hide themselves under the sand as they wait for their next meal to swim by. Kids will learn that even when all they want to do is run and hide, God is there to take care of them. 1 Kings 19:1-18, Elijah Flees To Horeb

    Whales – As one of the largest animals to ever live on earth, the Blue Whale fills the seas with its majesty. It is amazing simply for its size. Kids will learn that God is big, and able to do big things to help us. Exodus 14:5-31, Crossing The Red Sea

    Starfish – The ocean floor (and sometimes the beach) is filled with beautiful starfish – too many to even count. Kids will learn that God wants to give us more blessings than we could ever count. Genesis 15:1-7, God's Covenant With Abram

    Jellyfish – Having no spine (or any bones at all), the jellyfish flops through the sea. Kids will learn that God doesn't want us to flop around when it comes to doing what's right. Daniel 3:8-30, The Fiery Furnace

    Sea Turtles – When female sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach, they protect them by covering the little ones in sand and grass. Kids will learn that God takes care of us and protects us. Mark 4:35-41, Jesus Calms the Storm

    Coral Reef – Coral reefs are large underwater ecosystems built by sea creatures to provide a home and safety. It's a great big sea kingdom! Kids will learn that Jesus is calling us to become a part of the kingdom that he is creating. Luke 5:1-11, Calling Of The First Disciples

    Fish – To keep away from danger, certain species of fish swim in schools – there is safety in numbers. Kids will learn that with God on their side, One is the only number they need to be safe. Daniel 6:6-27, Daniel And The Den of Lions

    Shrimp – Because of their small size, shrimp might not seem that impressive. However, shrimp are plentiful and add much to the health of the sea. Kids will learn that even though they may be small, God still has a special purpose for them. 1 Samuel 16:1-13, Samuel Anoints David as King

    Seashells – Seashells that wash up on the beach are a beautiful reminder of the animal life that once lived inside of it. Kids will learn that the empty grave reminds us that Jesus came back to life, conquering death. John 20:1-18, The Empty Tomb



    Each Lesson Includes:

    • Make It Stick! Parent Sheet - so you can let mom and dad know what kids are learning each week and look like a rockstar teacher who's thought of everything.
    • Memory Verse - so that you can make sure kids are getting Scripture in their minds and hearts every single week and you can feel like each lesson was a success even when it seems like 90% of your lesson time is spent saying things like "calm down", "let's be quiet", "hands to yourself!
    • Skit or Puppet Show - so you have a way to easily connect the lesson with your hands-on and visual learners. No drama team? No problem! Just hand the script to the kids. They'll have a blast and think you're the coolest.
    • Craft Activity - so you can give kids a physical reminder of the Bible lesson (and give yourself an activity to keep them busy until mom and dad come back!)
    • Game - so kids don't leave and say church was BORING! Games are so important to help keep kids engaged. Our large group games always include a "What's The Point" section to help you connect the game to the lesson.
    • Large Group Lesson - so you can present the Bible story in a clear and fun way, which means now you can enjoy Saturday nights instead of stressing over putting a lesson together!
    • Small-Group Discussion - so you can find out who was paying attention and who was talking to their neighbor.  Just kidding, this is a great way for you to build deeper relationships with your kiddos after each lesson, which means you're going to care about them so much you'll cry like a baby when they graduate and go to middle school :(

    About This Curriculum:

    • Perfect for kids ages 6-12
    • 12-weeks
    • Includes large group and small group resources
    • This curriculum is an instant download
    • Download a free sample here



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