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We worship God in church with songs of praise, but that is just one part of worship. Worship can happen anywhere and at any time, regardless of the circumstances of our lives. Worship can happen when we sing, when we pray, and when we show love to others. In Mic Drop 8-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum, kids will learn that every day we can praise God in some way.

Mic Drop 8-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum

Mic Drop Sunday School Lesson Overview:

Memory Verse: “Honor the Lord our God. Worship at his feet. He is holy.”  Psalm 99:5 (NIrV)

Sing a Song of Praise

Scripture: Psalm 150, Praise the Lord

The book of Psalms is really an ancient songbook filled with 150 songs that praise and honor God. Singing praise songs is what we commonly think of when we think of worship.  We can sing to God anytime we want to praise the Lord, not just at church.

Objective: Kids will learn that we worship God with our words.

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