8 Summer Skits for Kids

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These Summer Skits are perfect for church, summer camp, VBS, or just for fun!

Summer is an excellent time to use skits in your Children's Ministry.  This is our #1 most downloaded skit collection of all-time!  We hope you enjoy using these this summer!  Be sure to view all of our free Children's Ministry skits.

8 Summer Skits Include:

  • Bieber Fever - Crazy Bieber fans learn about misplaced worship.
  • Bottom of the First - A funny skit about a baseball player learning to persevere.
  • Get In The Game - 2 Softball teammates learn to live like Christ
  • Happy Together - Goofy skit about summer camp mishaps that lead to great friendships.
  • I Don't Know What I'm Doing This Summer - A humorous skit teaching kids about mission trips.
  • Picking A Fight - 2 bullies see Jesus through a classmate.
  • What Stinks In Here - A smelly man learns the importance of baptism (and bathing!).
  • Party At Kahuna Beach - Surfer dudes & dudettes learn about the love of Jesus.
  • Click the BURGER to see all of our Summer Children's Ministry Curriculum and click the BEACH BALL to see all of our FREE Summer Children's Ministry Resources.

     Summer Children's Ministry Curriculum  Free Summer Children's Ministry Curriculum

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