We've put together a list of 27 Children's Ministry Blogs that you'll want to go ahead and add to your bookmarks tab for future reference.  We think this collection of blogs will help you with tips and info in all areas of your ministry from curriculum and lesson planning to game and snack ideas.


1. Ministry To Children

Tony Kummer runs this blog that provides free downloads to help you teach any Bible lesson for your Sunday school.  This blog is filled with tons and tons of free resources you can use when teaching any Sunday school lesson.  If you want some simple printable activities to go along with a lesson, just check out this blog and use their handy search feature to find what you need.

2. The Artful Parent

On The Artful Parent, the blogger shares ideas, information, and inspiration to encourage parents and teachers to enjoy and share art with kids in their lives. She writes about children’s art and creativity, seasonal crafts, and family fun. In this blog you can expect easy and fun kid-friendly arts and crafts, unique ideas, personal favorites, and a useful resource with tons of art activities to keep kids entertained with crafts. The blogger started The Artful Parent partly to chronicle and share the experiences with the children’s art group, and also as a way for her to focus more on what it means to be someone who uses art in teaching and parenting.

3. Kids Ministry 101

Lifeway deals with all areas of ministry. However, Kids Ministry 101 is Lifeway’s blog that deals specifically with Children’s Ministry. This blog incorporates several different bloggers and consolidates it into one blog. They have topics ranging from Equipping Parents to be Spiritual Leaders in the Home, to a Family Advent Guide. Other topics include crafts, ways to grow volunteers, and ways to create the best practices in faith formation for kids. These blogs are all specifically written to encourage Children’s Pastors and Leaders in creating the most effective, organized, and fun Kids Church, Sunday School, or Children’s Ministry.

4. Worshipping with Children

This blog deals mainly with the integration of worship and scripture reading in Children’s Ministry. According to the author, many worship planners want to include the children in their congregation’s worship in ways that help them experience God’s presence now and help them grow as worshiping disciples. Figuring out how to do that on any given Sunday is not always easy. This lectionary-based blog offers specific helps for specific Sundays.  It is not about children’s sermons, although some people are using the ideas here to create them.  It is not about children’s church services, which separate children from the rest of the worshiping congregation, although people are using these ideas to build those services too.

5. KidsActivities.com

This blog focuses on fun activities to do with children. This ranges from games to science experiments. Although not necessarily a Christian blog, the blogger provides a ton of good, clean, and fun activities that would work perfectly in any Children's Ministry, Kids Church, or Sunday School. Each activity is for kids of all ages, plus adults! This makes it a great resource to use in Children's Ministry. Anyone can play these games or participate in these experiments, as long as their willing to have fun. Each of the activities has modifications for younger kids and modifications for older kids – so the entire family can play together! We love that.

6. Sunday School Matters

Sunday School Matters is a great blog that continues to publish new articles every week. Sunday School Matters is separated into four categories: Beyond Sunday Morning, Teaching the Faith, Leading Sunday School, and Training and News. Each category has a ton of different posts that give helpful tips and tricks for running a children's ministry. The Beyond Sunday Morning section was particularly interesting. This section focuses on how to keep yourself, your volunteers, and the children engaged throughout the week, and not just on Sunday mornings. This blog is an excellent resource for anyone who is volunteering, leading, or running a Children's Ministry, Sunday School, or Kids Church.

7. Children's Ministry Online

According to the blog author, "for nearly 10 years, Children's Ministry Online (CMO) has been a place to encourage, equip and inspire those who minister to kids." CMO began as a personal ministry blog, a place for ideas inspired by ministry in the local church. From this blog came nearly two thousand personally written posts, tons of resources, and started the Live to Serve conference, an event designed specifically for kidmin volunteers. Children's Ministry Online has been an amazing community of leaders dedicated to seeing ministry to kids become the best it could be. Gone are the days when the only options to learn came from books, magazines, and conferences.

8. Buggy and Buddy

Buggy and Buddy is an extensive resource for parents, homeschoolers, and classroom teachers to find ways to inspire creativity and self-confidence in children while promoting learning and fun. Buggy and Buddy is full of ways to inspire you to create, play, and learn with your kids, and in doing so, help form confident little beings that love learning! Through these fun games and experiments, this blog shows its readers how to promote healthy values and boost kids' self-esteem. This is a great resource for that Children's Ministry leader, volunteer, or teacher who needs some new and fun ideas to keep kids engaged with the lesson.

9. ChurchLeaders.com

ChurchLeaders.com is dedicated to resourcing, informing, and connecting a community of church leaders for greater Kingdom impact worldwide. The blog is split up into six smaller blogs. The blog has special recourses and articles geared specifically for senior pastors, worship leaders, youth leaders, outreach leaders, children's ministry leaders, and small group leaders. This is an excellent website for anyone in church leadership. Each article is thoughtfully written for a specific audience so you know you are getting good advice for whatever area of ministry you are working in. The Children's Ministry section has ideas for games, activities, ways to recruit and keep volunteers, how to avoid burnout, etc.

10. Kids Sunday School Place

According to this website, "It is the mission of Kids Sunday School Place to provide sound Biblical resources so the Good News of the Bible, leading to salvation and encouraging spiritual growth, can be shared with children around the world." They are committed to helping dedicated children's ministry and school teachers share the Good News of Jesus with kids by creating meaningful and fun-filled Sunday school materials. They provide complete lesson plans along with ideas for bulletin boards, crafts, object talks, games, skits, stories, songs, teaching tips, and much more. They also offer a unique Topical Index, which allows you to quickly find ideas for specific subjects, holidays, events, and themes.

11. DLTK's Blog

DLTK is an awesome resource for any children's ministry pastor, leader, teacher, parent, etc. This website compiles great activities, games, crafts, lessons, and experiments. Each activity and lesson created is thoughtfully and purposefully created specifically for kids. They also compile the top resources downloaded each month so you can go through and see what activity, game, or lesson everyone is doing this month, or what the most popular resource is for any given month. We suggest this site to anyone who loves being creative and teaching kids how to have fun while still learning. Great for Sunday School, Children's Ministry, and Kids Church leaders, teachers, and pastors.

12. Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art's blog creates new content weekly. This is an awesome resource for parents, Children's Pastors, teachers, or anyone who loves to craft. The blog's owner says she especially loves seasonal crafts and activities. This is great news for that Kids Pastor who needs a fun craft for Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc. Every week they share at least one new: Kids Craft, Kids Art project, as well as a more Teen/Adult focused How To's. The kids crafts are made by my children and the blog owner. The aim for the blog is to inspire people to go and Get Crafty with children of any age.

13. Science Bob

“Science Bob” is a science teacher, author, maker, and presenter that knows how to share the world of science like never before. He is a regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Live With Kelly and Ryan, The Dr. Oz Show, and Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. His television appearances also include The Today Show, Hack My Life, Good Morning America, Home & Family, and others. Bob continues his work through presentations at events around the world. Most importantly, Bob encourages parents and teachers to practice Random Acts of Science by providing instructions and videos for interactive science experiments on his website.

14. Tools for Kids Ministry

This blog is written by Christian teachers who love developing new material for folks who enjoy Bible-based teaching but in kid-friendly terms. They use imagery that kids can easily recognize, including new kids. Much of their blog ideas come from popular games, cartoons, and movies. At Tools for Kids Ministry, they believe in putting the gospel of Jesus and Bible teachings on the bottom shelf so kids can reach them without climbing over a bunch of antiquated vernacular. When kids step into your facility, they want them to immediately feel at home and ready to hear the Good News! Great for any and all Children's Ministries.

15. Kids Corner

This blog is geared for children age 6—12. Every week, this website teaches in a contemporary way, the wisdom and the truth of God to the issues and challenges that affect a child's life. Through audio drama and web resources, children are not only entertained but are helped to develop an interest in the Bible and in becoming followers of Jesus. Their mission is to present the Christian message to kids and their families in an entertaining way that promotes biblical literacy and understanding of the gospel and calls for a response of faith and obedience. This blog is an excellent source for any Children's Pastors, teachers, or parents.

16. Mom Collaborative

This blog is here to collaborate with moms by supplying its readers with free printables and creative ways to celebrate, play, teach, create, remember, organize, and enjoy life. Although this blog is specifically written with moms in mind, this is a great resource for Children's Ministry. Daily, this author provides and creates coloring pages, crafts, experiments, and many other awesome activities. The author also searches the internet for new crafts that she thinks her readers will enjoy. Whenever you visit Mom Collaborative you will find a fun and easy craft to do with kids; whether you're a mom, dad, children's pastor, or teacher.

17. Crosswalk Blogs

Crosswalk blogs are created by a group of writers, editors and content producers seeking to provide applicable, educational and entertaining content to followers of Jesus Christ regardless of where they are in their respective spiritual journeys. Their goals at Crosswalk blogs are to encourage and challenge you, to help you worship and help you think, to give you a practical application of Scripture as well as positive shared testimonies and honest struggles. They strive to provide timely information on everything from Marriage, Parenting and Family issues, to Bible Study, Prayer, Spiritual Growth and Devotionals, to current events and a Christian look at movies, music, and popular culture, always within an overarching framework of evangelical Christian orthodoxy.

18. Family Fun Twin Cities

Twin Cities is a blog created by three moms who wanted to share their fun ideas for games they played with their kids. Each post provides a ton of new and exciting games and activities to play with kids. In fact, one of their most popular blogs included over forty-five fun indoor games for kids of all ages. They compiled a list of almost fifty games that are absolutely great to play indoors. Because of this, we think this blog is a great resource for Children's Pastors or teachers because we know how difficult it can be to find those new, fun, and exciting games to play with the kids in your Kids Children's Ministry.

19. Creative Bible Study

Creative Bible Study offers this site as a means to help others locate and access material that will equip them in the study of God's Word as well as teaching it. Some of the materials they personally write, while some are from creative friends, and still others they have found offered by wonderfully creative Christians willing to share their ideas for free and all for the glory of the LORD! They create and provide these resources in hope that you find what you need, as we all strive to serve together for His Kingdom! Creative Bible Study fits their name perfectly, offering fun and creative Bible lessons for both kids and adults.

20. Relevant Children's Ministry

Relevant Children's Ministry brings fresh ideas, insight, and content to Children's and Family Ministry leaders. The author is Dale Hudson. The author has been in Children's Ministry for over 28 years. He has helped build some of the largest and fastest growing children's ministries and churches in the nation. At Christ Fellowship in South Florida, he helped the church grow from 12,000 to over 26,000 people attending each weekend. In 8 years there, he built a volunteer team of over 2,600 that ministered to thousands of kids each weekend. He has also written dozens of articles for magazines. His Children's Ministry articles are featured at churchleaders.com, churchplants.com, and ministrytodaymag.com on a regular basis.

21. ChildrensMinistry.com

Childrensministry.com is the most read blog and magazine for children’s ministry. It’s packed with practical, authentic ministry ideas to help you become even better at what you do best—lead kids to Jesus. You’ll get sound advice and encouragement from today’s children’s ministry experts, plus hundreds of ideas that will have kids begging to come back! If you are working in Children's Ministry either as a pastor, leader, teacher, or volunteer, you must check out this great resource. It includes free children's ministry lessons, games, crafts, messages, and much, much more. Make sure you visit Childrensministry.com for today's best tips, advice, and encouragement for Children's Ministry and Kids Church.

22. Ministry Tools Resource Center

Ministry Tools Resource Center is a non-denominational ministry founded in 1999 for the purpose of equipping believers and followers of Jesus Christ for ministry. Although the ministry itself is not affiliated with any particular church, it does hold to a set of beliefs that permeates the materials presented on the site. Although not specifically created for Children's Ministry, Ministry Tools Resource Center's blog gives tons of advice and encouragement to anyone who is serving a ministry in any capacity. Their team of qualified writers makes sure they provide you with the current posts and articles they think will help you in your ministry. They are committed to equipping teachers, leaders, and others serving within the local Christian church.

23. Danielle's Place

This blog is filled with educational crafts with how-to craft videos, DIY kids' crafts, games and STEM and STEAM activities designed to make teaching and learning fun. Most of the site consists of Bible-based crafts, and great resources for Sunday school teachers, children's ministry, preschool teachers, library programs, homeschool teachers, and special occasions. They also provide tons of quick and easy Bible lessons for combined ages. Because of their wide range of resources, thoughtful articles, easy crafts, and super fun games, we believe Danielle's Place is an excellent blog for anyone working in Children's Ministry who needs some new ideas to try with their kids.

24. Vibrant Christian Living

Looking for a simple bible study for kids? Vibrant Christian Living starts with teaching kids an easy Bible study method that allows them to understand and apply biblical truth to their lives. Not only are these Bible study lessons for kids an important part of teaching kids how to get closer to God, teaching children how to study the Bible is an important aspect of helping kids build godly confidence. This blog explores the best ways to bring kids closer to God. Their writers and content creators are genuine, intelligent, and well-versed in the area of Children's Ministry. They know what they are talking about and desire to help you teach kids more about God.

25. SamLuce.com

This is a personal blog. It is focused on Leadership, Family Ministry, and Theology. The author tends to write about things he is passionate about, the power of the gospel, becoming a better leader, ministering to kids, technology, humorous anything, and being the best dad and husband. Through each blog post, it is his goal to teach things everyone should know when starting in ministry for their first time or even their millionth time. You are never too old or experienced to stop learning. He wants his readers to learn from and laugh at some of his mistakes along the way. You can expect around 2 to 3 blog posts a week.

26. Children's Ministry Leader

Children's Ministry Leaders is a blog created for and dedicated to people serving in Children's Ministry in some leadership capacity. Greg Baird, the owner, and creator of Children's Ministry Leaders knows how hard it is to be a Children's Pastor. He has served as a Children's Pastor for over 25 years and knows the joys and pains it can bring. In each article Greg shares his personal philosophy and theology of what Children's Ministry should be, while at the same time, provides hands-on, practical advice for running a Christ-centered and fun Children's Ministry. Every month he publishes at least one new article.

27. Better Bible Teachers

On this site, Nathan Johnson, the blog's creator, is taking everything he's learned about what keeps his interest and applying it to Sunday School lessons for elementary kids. If the lesson will keep him awake, maybe it will keep them awake too! So far, the results are promising! If you believe a lot of traditional Sunday School lessons are rather boring and not very creatively prepared to keep kids’ attention, then you're gonna want to check out this blog. He wants the lessons to do more than make kids regurgitate a Bible story. He believes that his lessons have the opportunity to capture and hold a child's attention so that they can see how great God truly is.