If you like to stay on top of the latest trends, you're going to want to keep your eyes peeled for these new products hitting the shelves in April 2024!

Solomon's Wise Crackers

Move over Goldfish. There's a new snack in town and this one promises to impart Biblical wisdom with each bite.

Solomon's Wise Crackers

Samson's Secret Hair Gel

A hair gel so strong, the only way to get it out, is to cut it!

Samson's Hair Gel

Preacher Action Figures

This new line of action figures is based solely on popular preachers and Biblical characters. (Note a limited edition Charles Spurgeon figure is expected to be released later this year.)

Preacher Action Figures

Goliath Growth Gummies

Having trouble getting kids to take their vitamins? Use these yummy vitamins to encourage them to grow big and strong like Goliath, but also use these as an opportunity to teach them to not emulate anything else about Goliath.

Goliath Gummies

Plague Of Frogs Shower Head

Tired of fighting with your kids to take a bath?  Kids will be begging to get ready for bed once you have this new shower head installed.

Plague Of Frogs Shower Head

Samson's Strength Protein Powder

Another great resource from the Samson's line of products comes this protein powder for kids.

Samson's Protein Powder

Bible Verse Bubble Gum

Chew and blow bubbles to reveal a hidden verse inside. In addition to hiding God's Word in their heart, kids will now also probably have it hidden in their hair, their shirt, the carpet...

Bible Verse Bubble Gum

Remarkably, all of these amazing products are going to be released on the same day - April 1st, 2024.



Happy April Fool's Day! 😃 

Want an amazing new deal that's NOT a joke?  Check out the brand new GOLDEN Burger Summer Curriculum Bundle

It's the BIGGEST Children's Ministry Curriculum bundle that's been released this year and there will be a TON of GOLDEN prizes for the first to order on Tuesday, April 2nd.

The Golden Burger Bundle