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10 Best Children's Ministry Conferences

Updated January 30, 2017: Congratulations to Tracie Collier from Huntsville, Alabama!  She won the $100 gift card from Chick-fil-a for voting in our "Best Children's Ministry Conference" poll.  This question gets asked every week in our Facebook group so we're answering the question once and for all.  We've posted the final results below.

We asked our 15,000+ member  Children's Pastors Only Facebook group what the best Children's Ministry Conferences to attend this year are. These are the top 10 conferences in order:

Best Children's Ministry Conferences

Click on each Children's Ministry Conference title to be taken to their website.

1. KidMin Children's Ministry Conference

2. Meetups With Local Children's Ministers In Your Area

Since this option was chosen as the #2 most recommended choice our Facebook group is launching local Children's Ministry meetups starting with Phoenix, AZ in Spring of 2017.  Click the link to signup for updates if you're interested in local meetups.

3. Children's Pastors Conference

4. Orange Conference

5. Children's Ministry Expo

6. CM Children's Ministry Conference

7. Etch Family Ministry Conference

8. The Gathering Family Ministry Conference

9. D6 Conference

10. Focus KidMin Leadership Conference

Mark Moore explains why NOT going to a Children's Ministry Conference could get you fired.

If you serve in Children's Ministry and aren't going to a conference or a meetup with other Children's Ministry leaders in your area, you are at a huge disadvantage according to Mark Moore and Steve Gross who helped explain the 7 ways NOT to get fired in Children's Ministry.