Use this object lesson on God's plan for us to teach kids that they can trust God to guide and direct their lives.

Object Needed: Road Map

Big Idea: God has a direction for our lives.

We've included the text for this object lesson below and we even recorded a video to help give you ideas for how to teach it.  Enjoy watching!

God's Plan Object Lesson Script

Have any of you ever come across some of these at your home? These to be pretty common around your house and in the glove box. Well these are maps, as you can probably tell specifically road maps. Roadmaps help people find their way from place to place. If you moved into a new town, you'd buy a street map to help you figure out how to get to work, school, or church. If you went on vacation, you need an interstate map to help you get from home to Disney World, and once you got to Orlando, you need another street map to help you find your hotel. And once you get to the park, you need a map to help you find all the rides.

Imagine if you were to get lost and all you had to find your way were these maps. You have to search and search to find where you are, and then you have to search and search to find the right road. If you're lucky you find a place to stop and ask for directions. You can probably imagine how many arguments moms and dads would get into on the way to Disney World. If Dad got lost it wouldn't stop and ask for directions.

All these maps are now obsolete thanks to smart phones and GPS. Now almost everyone has an app on their phone that don't only give some directions, but also tells them where they are at all times. If you've ever walked into a bookstore, you'll find that one of the largest sections it's a self-help section. They have books on everything from making money, to finding love, to being happier. But just like these maps, those books are not necessary. We have a source in God and God's Word. And he can tell us where we need to go. What's more, God knows where we are. There's no getting lost.

God knows where we are, how far off the path we are, and what it takes to get us there, and God will never say no when we ask for help. He’ll always be there to help us find our way back. One day we may find we won't need our phones to get around anymore. Our map apps will be as out of date as these maps. But one thing never changes, and that's God's love for us. God has a direction and a plan for your life. All it takes is a willing heart to follow his lead.

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