Use this object lesson on purity to teach kids why they need to be careful of what goes in their mind.

Object Needed: MP3 Player

Big Idea: Don't fill your mind with bad things.

We've included the text for this object lesson below and we even recorded a video to help give you ideas for how to teach it.  Enjoy watching!

Purity Object Lesson Script

How many of you have an MP3 player? MP3 players are one of the most innovative products of the last few decades. Before the MP3 player, you could carry one CD at a time in your Discman. Before that, you could carry one tape at a time in your Walkman. Check your parents’ storage boxes in the basement to see if they still have one of those. You’ll be amazed at how bulky they seem compared to an MP3 player. A Discman could carry 74 minutes of music on a CD. The Walkman could actually carry 16 more minutes of music on a 90 minute cassette. Do you know how many minutes of music an MP3 player can carry? A 4 GB player can carry over 4,000 minutes of music. That’s 66 hours or 2.75 days. A player with 64 GB can carry more than six weeks of music! As astonishing as that is, there’s something that carries far more music than your MP3 player ever could: your own mind.

Every song you’ve ever heard has a file in there. In fact, your mind carries not only the songs you love, but also the songs you hate—songs you would never, ever put on your MP3 player. Your mind doesn’t just carry music, of course. TV shows, books, magazines, websites, movies, and any sort of media can be stored away up there. How many of you can quote scenes from your favorite movie?

Now here’s the challenge question for you today: What kind of content are you storing in your mind? Are you storing things that are good and pure and holy, or are you filling it up with garbage? Your MP3 player can certainly give us a clue to that. What kind of music do you have on your MP3? What’s the ratio of good stuff to bad? And what do you listen to most?

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but the truth is that the things we watch, consume, and listen to make a difference in how we act. If you listen to things that are good and holy, you’re going to be more in tune with the Lord and better prepared to love others. If you’re listening to garbage, how do you think that will affect your attitude and your actions toward others?

Next time you scroll through your music, take a good long look at the kinds of things you’re listening to. And don’t be afraid to ask, “Is this really good for me?”

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