Use this object lesson on reflecting Jesus to teach kids what it means to be a Christian.

Object Needed: Mirror

Big Idea: Reflect Jesus to others through your actions.

We've included the text for this object lesson below and we even recorded a video to help give you ideas for how to teach it.  Enjoy watching!

Reflecting Jesus Object Lesson Script

Can you see yourself?

This is a mirror. Mirrors have been around for hundreds of years and they pretty much have one purpose: to reflect. They can reflect light, colors, and images. Can you imagine what it was like before they invented mirrors? They probably only had a lake or a pond to look at? And even then, it wasn't an accurate reflection. I don't think you have blue or green skin. The best mirrors are flat and they have the perfect reflecting surface. They can show things the way they really are.

God wants us to do the same thing. Except he doesn't want us to reflect ourselves, he wants us to reflect the image of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ was the only perfect being, who came down to live on this earth. We're not all perfect and we accept God's grace because of that. If you reflect Jesus with your actions and what you say, people will see what it's like to become a Christian, and they may want to become Christians too.

Some people may not like what they see. There are a lot of Christians around the world who are not liked because they reflect like Jesus and not themselves or the world. You have to use Jesus as your role model and he will reflect himself through you. He can make you the perfect mirror so that people will see what he is like and what is Jesus like. He is kind and thoughtful. He doesn't do bad things, and he loves all people. Can he be like that? I know it's hard sometimes, but just like a mirror has to be in front of the object it's reflecting, you had to stand in front of Jesus to reflect his image. So next time you look at yourself in a mirror, think about how you can reflect Jesus's face today.


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