Use this object lesson on washing away sin to teach kids how Jesus took care of all our sins.

Object Needed: Dirty Paintbrush

Big Idea: Jesus washes our sins away and make us clean.

We've included the text for this object lesson below and we even recorded a video to help give you ideas for how to teach it.  Enjoy watching!

Washing Away Sins Object Lesson Script 

How many of you like painting? Have your mom and dad let you help with painting around the house yet? If you haven’t gotten there yet, you probably will soon. What tools do you need if you’re going to paint a room? You need a good brush if you’re going to paint, right? Let me ask you this: How many of you would want to use a brush like this?

(Show the paint-covered brush.)

If I handed you this brush and said, “Go paint that wall over there,” what would you say?

It’s kind of hard to paint with a dirty paintbrush, isn’t it? The brush is coated with paint that’s dried on and hardened. It won’t soak up new paint, and it won’t spread paint on the wall. Most likely, if you tried to paint with a brush like this, you’d get an ugly wall with some dried bits of a different colored paint stuck in it. It would not be very pretty.

This dirty brush reminds me of what sin does to our lives. The more we fall into sin, the more we are covered by it. And just like dried paint, sin can get hard and keep good things from penetrating our lives. What’s more, we’re completely useless to the Lord if we’re covered in sin! God can’t use us any more than we can use this dirty paintbrush, and any work we try to do will be stained with our sin. But the good news is that even a brush like this can be cleaned. With the right solvent and lots of water, you can clean that brush good as new.

God can wash us clean from our sins and make us new as well. He can break through the hard layers of sin and wash us clean. Only then he can use us to reach others with the same love that washed our sins away.

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