Need Help Deciding Which 2020 VBS Theme To Use This Year?

There are a TON of awesome options available when it comes to choosing a Vacation Bible School theme for 2020.  Hopefully we can help make choosing the right one a little easier with this list of some of the most popular 2020 VBS themes for this year.  We've included the promotional videos as well as links to each VBS theme creator's page so you can learn more about each one.  Happy planning! (Plus we just released our brand new Escape Room Themed 2020 VBS Called Breakout.)

Rocky Railway - GROUP VBS 2020 Theme

It’s full steam ahead with this awesome train-themed 2020 VBS curriculum. GROUP provides countless activities, games, crafts, experiments, and Bible lessons in this new VBS Theme. The main idea is, “Jesus’ power pulls us through.” There are two options to purchase: the ultimate starter kit and the ultimate starter kit + digital. In the starter kit, you can expect a detailed guide, documenting everything you need to get your VBS up and running. As always, you can expect video lessons, teaching kids the important bible story of the day. They also have video worship music, which is sure to get kids on their feet and dancing. Along with all of that, they also have tons of student resources that the kids get to take home with them through the week.

You can find more info on the Rocky Railway VBS on Group's website here.


Concrete and Cranes - Lifeway VBS 2020 Theme

In this construction themed 2020 VBS, kids will learn to build their faith on Jesus. The motto for this theme, “Jesus! Our Strong Foundation,” is used throughout the week, and applied in every lesson. Using rotation sites, Lifeway’s, “Concrete and Cranes,” creates a fun and interactive experience for kids. The rotation sites include: high steel worship rally, blueprint Bible study, jackhammer music, excavator missions, bulldozer crafts, wrecking ball rec, and food truck snacks. Your church could definitely have fun decorating for this theme. You can ask members of your congregation to donate tools and construction related items for an inexpensive way of making your facility look great!

Find more info and read all about what's included with the Concrete & Cranes VBS on Lifeway's website.


Wilderness Escape - GROUP VBS 2020 Theme

The Wilderness Escape VBS 2020 follows the story of the Exodus from Egypt. The starter pack includes a director guide, leader manuals, helpful DVDs and CDs, and student resources. Group believes that their curriculum requires fewer volunteers and less time to make a successful VBS. Each day kids will meet a new animal friend who will teach them something new about God, the Bible, the Church, and even themselves. Starting and $161.99, GROUP’s VBS curriculum provides the essential resources to get your VBS up and running. Their leader manuals provide an in-depth description of what each teacher/leader’s responsibilities, taking some of the pressure off of the director.

To see everything that is included with the Wilderness Escape VBS, check out Group's website.


Mystery Island - Answers 2020 VBS Theme 

Mystery Island VBS 2020 teaches kids about the One True God. This VBS provides music, games, activities, crafts, and experiments. According to the Answers In Genesis website, “The day begins at the Islander Assembly, a supercharged opening complete with entertaining welcomes, rockin’ songs, a mission moment, and prayer. Then we're off to four fun rotation sites.” The rotation sites include: lighthouse lessons, ride the tide games, tropical treats, and deep sea science and crafts. This VBS comes with several different sizes of logos to use in flyers, posters, social media, and your website. The theme fits perfectly with summer, and is something kids will for sure connect with.

The Answers In Genesis website is easy to navigate and full of helpful information to help you learn more about the Mystery Island VBS.


Knights Of North Castle - Cokesbury 2020 VBS Theme

North Castle is a hidden frozen land, where its knights are on a quest to find the King’s Armor. This medieval themed 2020 VBS is a fun and exciting way to teach kids the armor of God.  Knights of North Castle is designed to engage kids in a deeper relationship with Jesus. Cokesbury uses the full spectrum of people- ages, races, abilities, and stages of development in their videos and resources.  Knights of North Castle is suitable for small and large congregations, and runs just as smoothly in both. They have original video content as well as 12 original songs that are sure to get your kids pumped up for and excited for each day of VBS. They also provide tons of digital and printable resources to help you promote and decorate for your VBS.

You can read all the details about The Knights Of North Castle here at


Champions In Life - Abingdon Press 2020 VBS Theme

In Abingdon Press' new 2020 VBS..."Champions in Life: Ready, Set Go with God!" participants will find joy in knowing that Jesus makes each one a winner and that we are competing in life in order to reach the goal of the high calling of Jesus Christ. Kids will exercise faith and fun, be encourage to set godly goals, be inspired to reach for the prize, and believe that Jesus makes them champions in this VBS curriculum. This kit includes a worship DVD, leaders books, crafts, and  more. They also provide a selection of publicity materials, including: activity sticker sheet, promo poster, invitation postcard, leader certificate, and name tags. This VBS could be ideal for a smaller church looking for a simpler and more affordable alternative to some of the more expensive VBS’ themes.

For more info on the Champions In Life VBS click here


FOCUS - Orange 2020 VBS Theme

The Orange VBS theme for 2020 is designed to help kids go deeper in their faith by learning to put their "Focus" on God.  Ultimately the goal is that kids will realize they can put their faith and trust in something can't see, based on things that they can see.

Find more info and see everything that is included with the FOCUS VBS on the Orange VBS website.


Rainforest Explorers - Concordia Supply 2020 VBS Theme

Rainforest Explorers includes original content, Bible lessons, music, resources, and much more. Teach kids that Jesus is our guide through life. Each lesson includes downloadable artwork to decorate the classroom or sanctuary. Concordia Supply also has tons of resources to promote your 2020 VBS, using save the date flyers, social media image pack, and style guide. Each child will receive several take home resources that will help them remember each day’s Bible lesson. Each kit includes directions for rotational sites, sample crafts, and student essentials. 

Click here for more information on the Rainforest Explorers VBS.


Children's Ministry Deals new VBS for 2020 is called BREAKOUT that features 5 days of escape room style puzzle solving as kids learn that Jesus can take us from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

2020 VBS Breakout

Gospeltopia is another VBS we have created to help anyone on a really limited budget.  But, there's a ton of great themes for your vacation Bible school from a variety of curriculum publishers, so pick the one that works best for your kids and your volunteers.  It's never too early to start planning for VBS.  Be sure to checkout our awesome FREE VBS resources that you can use in addition to any theme you choose.

We hope this list helps give you some good ideas for VBS 2020!

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