52 Game Video Bundle

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Use These Games Along With Any Of Our Children's Ministry Curriculum Or Lessons!

You can also pair it with our popular 52-week curriculum bundle so you'll have a game for every lesson.

You can use all these games in person or stream them online. 

Check out these previews of some of the games included below:


This media pack includes the 52 games shown below that are perfect to use for any weekend or midweek Kids Church services or events:

  1. What Is It? Nativity or Candy
  2. Well Actually Christmas
  3. Tree Rex Shuffle
  4. Candle Race 1
  5. Yo Mama Jokes
  6. Dad Jokes
  7. Candy Heart Shuffle
  8. Move Over Clover
  9. Rotten Eggs
  10. Jelly Bean Jumble
  11. Easter Eggscape Room
  12. Chocolate Bunny Race
  13. Easter Egg Shuffle
  14. Easter Eggsplosion
  15. Under The Sea Closeups
  16. Rock Race
  17. Finding Jesus Riddle Game
  18. Crab, Lifeguard, Seagull
  19. Escape The Volcano
  20. At The Beach Closeups
  21. Sea Shell Shuffle
  22. Water Balloon Fight
  23. Which Firework Is Different 1
  24. Which Firework Is Different 2
  25. Which Firework Is Different 3
  26. Race For Gold
  27. Gold Medal Memory
  28. What's For Lunch?
  29. Bible Backpacks
  30. Eraser Memory
  31. Bible Name Or Element
  32. Rotten Pumpkins
  33. Fall Closeups
  34. Falling Leaves Race
  35. Pick a Pumpkin
  36. Candy Corn Shuffle
  37. Pumpkin Patch Match
  38. Punkin Gunk
  39. Pumpkin Shuffle
  40. Let's Give Thanks
  41. Turkey Shuffle
  42. What's For Dinner?
  43. Thanksgiving Closeups
  44. New Or Old
  45. Radical Riptide
  46. Into The Bible-verse
  47. This Or That: Candy Edition
  48. What Saith Thou?
  49. Books Of The Bible: Escape The Mine 1
  50. Books Of The Bible: Escape The Mine 2
  51. Books Of The Bible: Escape The Mine 3
  52. Ice Cream Cone Bible Trivia

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