Children's Ministry Volunteer Drone - Model CMV1

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Have a 100% Volunteer Attendance Rate!

This CMV1 drone (short for Children's Ministry Volunteer One) will fly to every Children's Ministry volunteer's house and make sure they are brought to church when they're supposed to volunteer, on time, every time.  The photo above was our first prototype, but now we have an enclosed drone to ensure the safety of all your Children's Ministry volunteers.  Video Below.

Children's Ministry Volunteer Drone

Let's be's hard to find volunteers and when you do, sometimes they don't show up.Thanks to the continual advancement in the development of drones, we are excited to announce the first GPS address enabled church to home personal drone.

Children's Ministry Drone Specs:

  • Two hour flying time to ensure early arrival of all volunteers
  • Updatable navigation that can change to pick up your volunteer from the mall, movie theater, or sporting event if they leave their home
  • Compact and can fit in 2 parking spaces
  • Includes Starbucks navigation settings for volunteers who need caffeine
  • Energy efficient. Runs on 3 AAA batteries
  • Backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal and the CMV1 was ranked #1 Church Drone by Consumer Reports

Children's Ministry Volunteer Drone

Children's Ministry Volunteer Drone


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